Central Utah

[ 38.668967, -112.337633 ]

Central Utah

It’s understood that environment can shape an individual. Often we think of the concept of  nature / nurture in terms of the immediate circumstances of one’s home. But in the case of
the outlaw Butch Cassidy one can’t help but pause and consider how the mountainous,  rugged region of his youth shaped his spirit of independence and stubborn defiance. Take the time to travel to this rural part of the state and you may find that you’ve tapped into a  deeper layer of your own natural rhythm.

Fish Lake, Utah

[ 38° 33' 0.6732'' N, 111° 42' 28.1052'' W ]

Not far from the birthplace of the famous outlaw Butch Cassidy, this high mountain lake is a favorite summer getaway of Utahn’s and makes a scenic camping spot during your road trip along the Outlaw Trail. Stay at the lodge, camp or rent a private cabin on Airbnb and get ready to bike, hike, fish, and relax your way into the  slowed-down pace of the great outdoors.


Getting There:

Fish Lake is a three-hour drive west of Moab of of I-70.


Getting There:

Located 2 hours and 40 minutes
west of Moab on Highway 24.

Torrey, Utah

[ 38° 17' 55.9284'' N, 111° 25' 8.634'' W ]

Tiny though it may be, Torrey is on the map. Visitors to Capitol Reef National Park and on their way to visit Hell’s Backbone Grill in  Boulder will travel through this historic town. Grab a gourmet  coffee at Robber’s Roost Bookstore, replace old gear at Fremont River Guides and saddle up (literally) to the enormous bar at The Saddlery Cowboy Bar & Steakhouse to listen to live country music,  dance, and savor a generous portion of biscuits and gravy.