Four Corners Region

[ 36.998983, -109.045220 ]

Four Corners Region

The Four Corners Region is defined by its shared arid landscapes, panoramic vistas, and, to be exact, the precise geographical boundary where four southwestern United States meet. In addition to the scenic natural features that define the region, Arizona, Colorado, New Mexico and Utah are home to a vast array of archaeological sites and several distinct Tribal Nations. With Design Build Bluff we enter the world of the Dine, also called the Navajo, to learn more about the relationship between the land, family, and home.

Colorado River, Arizona

[ 36˚ 54ˈ 52.0056ˈˈ N, 111˚ 27ˈ 35.3196ˈˈ W ]

Channel your inner explorer with a downstream paddle or float ton the Colorado River. The ‘lifeblood of the west’ carved the Grand Canyon and shaped the generations of Outsiders who have called the area home. If you enjoy meeting other travelers join one of several daily commercial tours that run from the Glen Canyon Dam Downstream to Lee’s Ferry. Competent paddlers seeking solitude can arrange a private backhaul – but be careful, the water is a constant 46 F (7 C) year-round.


Getting There:

Located approximately 36 miles southeast of Page,
Arizona on Highway 98.

Kaibeto, Arizona

[ 36˚ 34ˈ 46.686ˈˈ N, 111˚ 5ˈ 39.156ˈˈ W]

No visit to the Navajo Reservation is complete without a side trip to the local trading post. Dating Back to the late 1800’s, the Kaibeto trading post is a relic of history that sells Navajo blankets, silver and artwork by local artisans and has a great collection of cultrural and natural history books to choose from. If your timing is right your visit will coincide with the flea market, where you can sample native cooking including sweet Navajo fry bread or savory mutton.