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Perhaps still home to many an outsider, Montana is known for its blue skies, snow-capped mountain ranges, over-sized wildlife and cowboys. Whether working the ranches or saddling a horse, the cowboy is one of the most enduring – and endearing – symbols of the west. We set out on the trail with Heroes and Horses to explore the many layers that one person can embody and learned that, just like many of us, a cowboy is anything but simple.

Yellowstone Dog Sled Adventures

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Owner Jason Matthews hosted us for that shoot, and you won’t find a nicer, more professional outfitter to sled with. The guides’ respect and admiration for the animals was something to behold,  and riding behind a team of champion ‘athletes,’ as they’re called, was a lot of fun, too!

Yellowstone Dog Sled Adventures

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Livingston, Montana

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Don’t let this quaint little town of 7,000 fool you – the cuisine is out of this world and the surrounding wilderness offers days of  unfettered exploring. The Murray Hotel is the place to spend the  night – from the spooky old cowboy portraits on the wall to the talented musicians singing in the bar downstairs, it’s like stepping
back in time to the Wild West. Pets Welcome.

Murray Hotel

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