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The Back Story: The Outsider, by KÜHL

Salt Lake City, UT (November 15, 2017) – Shattering conventional outdoor brand storytelling norms, The Outsider by KÜHL is a collector’s edition product showcase and travel guide all wrapped into one. As you’d expect there are enough gorgeous images of KÜHL designs to make you want to replenish your entire wardrobe. But the compilation is about more than product shots – it captures the stories of real people making their contribution in one of the most storied and remote regions in the United States: the Outlaw Trail.

Not only do the pages – all 106 of them – showcase KÜHL in a way you’ve never seen before, but the book is full of people we can look up to and places that invite us to drop everything and set off on our next road trip. Imagine a Navy Seal who, in his pain, turned to nature for healing and created a movement that changes the lives of other PTSD-stricken warriors; or a top-ranked architecture program that builds new homes meant to last seven generations in a dry desert; or two courageous women who’ve cultivated a flourishing farm-to-table restaurant juxtaposed between two isolated and contested parcels of public land in Utah. These are just a few of the visionaries you’ll encounter when you open the pages of Issue No.1 The Outlaw Trail, by KÜHL.

In a collection of original essays from writers including Craig Childs and Jayme Moye The Outsider captures the common thread that connects all of the stories featured in this premier issue: like KÜHL, they are all innovators who embrace fearless independence and rebellion to take risks and chase their own creative dreams. These are artists and crafts men and women who are pioneers of innovation and rebels against the mundane. These are The Outsiders.

Bonus Material

Included in the print publication is a map of the Outlaw Trail Region and a travel guide created by our in-house adventure travel expert – so you can plan your own adventure along the Outlaw Trail. On-line exclusives including video extras and breathtaking images of the region can be viewed at as well as on Instagram @KUHLOutsiders. We invite everyone to share their adventures with us by tagging their photos with #KUHLOutsiders. Lastly, while quantities last, customers can go online to request a catalog at

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