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Nathan Williamson takes a first ascent on this bouldering problem now named "Chasing Light."

Athlete: Nathan Willamson

Photographer: Eric Scott Russell

Location: Prison Gate Boulders, Nevada, USA

Men's Performance Outerwear: Parachute Jacket

Men's Pants: Kontra Air


  • 3/4 REAR
  • Men's Pants
  • Women's Pants
  • Women's Performance 2014
  • Men's Performance
  • Kuhlmog

Welcome to the official Kuhl outdoor clothing online store. Kuhl is the premier maker of casual and performance mountain wear for the most active lifestyles, from men’s hiking pants to women’s athletic dresses and skirts. Shop Kuhl’s complete line of fleece jackets, softshells, hiking pants and shorts, quick dry performance shirts, and much more. Our organic grown cotton and merino wool clothing make the finest sportswear and travel clothing available.

At Kuhl, we innovate our own technical fabrics: Alfpaca fleece, Kashmira™, KuhlTouch™, Technikore™, Aerosoft™, and Coffeenna™, our performance fabric made from coffee. Our Crag Series hiking pants, hiking shorts, and fleece jackets are anatomically designed. Kuhl also creates ergonomically designed pants, active jackets, and performance shirts with the original Kuhl thumb loops.

If you’re like us, you can’t sit still for long and live for outdoor adventure. Kuhl’s online store and independent dealers offer a full collection of women’s and men’s outdoor clothing to keep you comfortable, dry, warm, and stylish during all your explorations and travel. Shop Kuhl and you’ll find a variety of hiking clothes, trail running apparel, alpine climbing clothes, and travel clothing to suit your needs. So, whether you’re gearing up for a kayaking, skiing, yoga, camping, or trekking adventure, make Kühl part of your plans!

Every step we take is an opportunity to reduce our carbon footprint. Kuhl makes the conscious choice to incorporate organic, sustainable materials and natural vegetable dyes in all our outdoor clothing where possible. We are committed to reduce, reuse, recycle, and help our environment. We build clothes to last for years of service.

Kuhl promotes the values of Mountain Culture® and demonstrates respect for all people contributing to the well being of the planet by caring for themselves and the environment. We hope you will look for our products and live Mountain Culture® by shopping our Kuhl Clothing Company / Alfwear, Inc. online store.

In the exhilaration that can come from breathing less oxygen in the mountain air, excited alpine enthusiasts may try to spell Kuhl like kool, cool, khul, kul, kuehl, kohl, and keuhl. But, Kuhl is a German word meaning: cool. In Scandinavia, Kuhl is slang for fun. In English slang it means that you are a free thinker. Kuhl is characterized by a sophisticated and relaxed style often expressed by showing your individuality. Kuhl is the registered trademark (brand) of "Alfwear." Our mountain crest icon logo is a registered trademark. Kuhl is an outdoor clothing company located in the Wasatch Mountains of Utah - home to the lightest, driest powder snow in the world. Be original, be yourself.