Love Craftsmanship? Try These 5 DIY Projects Around The House

By KÜHL Editor on September 13, 2023
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Staying at home can be one of your most exciting experiences if add a DIY project to your to-do list. The exciting thing is that literally anything can turn into a fantastic DIY project. Give your house a custom décor, and have fun at the same time.

For your home DIY project to be the best it can be, you need three essential things: the right information, the right tools, and great work wear. Here are five projects that will give your home a facelift.

Simple Fix To Restore Your Wood Deck

Your deck has lived through direct UV light, rain, and snow to give you a luxurious, relaxing spot. You need to show it some love by restoring it every once in a while.

The first step of the restoration process is removing rot and debris from in between the deck wood. If there's severely rotten wood, you need to replace it with treated cedar or redwood. Replace crooked nails too. Use a putty knife to remove debris.

Once done, apply a sodium percarbonate containing deck cleaner; scrub; and clean with water. Next, remove old finishes and stains using non-chlorine bleaches.

Finally, it's time to restore your deck using an oxalic-based restoration product. Apply a finish coat of your choice. After this DIY project, your wood deck will shine bright.

Fix and Refresh Your Front Door

If your home were on trial, your front door would be your opening statement. There are few DIY makeovers to give your front door the aesthetic appeal it needs to make the best statement.

The most natural renovation is to give it a fresh repaint. The painting rule is that bright colors give your house a modern look. However, dark colors can make a bold statement and even increase what your home's value.

Other DIY front door projects include adding some pots filled with lush green fern. To make your front porch rock, you can also replace the old doormat, choosing colors that go well with your pots and front door.

man opening a white wooden door
It's the right time to put on some serious workwear and fix your doors. Products shown: BURR™ JACKET LINED, THE LAW™.

(Re) Paint Your House

Since the weather is never too friendly to your house's exterior, you need to be. DIY house repaints are among the most involving and rewarding tasks you get. Nevertheless, they are necessary if you want to make your house look as good as new.

There's a reason why you take a shower before applying lotion to your body. The same goes to repainting your home: covering up dirt with paint won't leave a flawless, beautiful look.

Therefore, you should pressure-wash all walls to be repainted, from top to bottom, before starting a repaint job. Next, you want to go around the house, repairing damaged surfaces. Remove old paint if possible.

You want to give your walls a fresh new look, not your valuable items. So, before you paint, cover all unintended victims – lamps, doors, windows, etc. Now paint narrow surfaces with a brush and broad surfaces with a paint sprayer.

Clean Your House Gutters

Cleaning your gutters is probably one of the easiest home DIY projects. Although it is a bit dangerous, it needs to get done. Don't wait until your gutters are clogged up with debris, bird poop, leaves, and whatnot. Stop procrastinating, wear your gloves, slip on your work pants, and get to work.

Cleaning gutters start with you laying down a tarp and leaning a ladder towards the gutter. Next, go up to the gutter and using a gutter scoop, get all junk off. Next, introduce a hose, where all debris is flushed by water to give a sparkling clean gutter.

The water shows if the gutter is leaking. Should the leak be caused by a sagging gutter, use a hanger to support. However, if the leaking doesn't stop, it's time to make a gutter replacement.

Quickly Fix Your Wooden Floor

Fixing wooden floors is the most doable but complex home DIY project. With the right tools and the right knowledge, however, this task is one that a do-it-yourself-er can do like a pro.

If your wooden floor has a simple dirty water stain, clean this with a warm wet towel. If the stain is resistant, then it's time to bring the big guns, aka the vibrating sander. With this tool, even minor scratches can't stand.

Should the scratches be significant enough to bring a dent, you need a filler to cover it. Don't forget to sand the repaired part to avoid weird protrusions. If a part of the wooden floor has damage beyond repair, use an oscillating multi-tool to remove it. Replace with a piece of the wood, the same size, and apply some finish.

man and woman holding plunks in the backyard
Top-notch clothing lets you work and play hard. Product shown: FUGITIVE™, FREE RADIKL™ PANT.

What to wear for working around the house?

When tackling DIY home projects, you must dress for the occasion. Many casual craftsmen make the mistake of wearing old clothes that tear easily, leaving their skin exposed to UV rays and sharp objects. What you need is durable, flexible, comfortable clothing made of top-quality fabric and designed for hard work.

KÜHL Radikl™ pants feature comfortable ENDURO™ fabric that delivers sweatpant comfort to the tough-as-nails trousers. The year-round performance allows for a versatile, DIY use no matter the season.

THE LAW™ provides excellent outdoor wear for all DIY home projects. Made from the KNOCKABOUT CLOTH™ fabric for durability and comfort, these pants have enough pockets to keep all your tools on you. These tough pants with a double-ply front are also available for women.

The FUGITIVE™ is one of our favorite pieces of men's work wear. It's made of a soft, luxurious fabric that doesn't trap heat, so you stay comfortable and fresh no matter how active and busy you are.

When you're done with work, just brush off the dirt from your versatile work wear, and invite your friends over to admire your craftsmanship. Maybe you'll inspire them to stay active and do something good while waiting for a new outdoor adventuring opportunity.

KÜHL Editor
KÜHL Editor


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