Carpe Diem: 7 Outstanding Mountain Biking Trails You’ll Love This Summer

Adventure Cycling By Kühl Editor

Now that summer is in full swing, many of us are clamoring to get out of the house and enjoy some sweet summer air. However, due to social distancing guidelines in effect, the annual beach vacation may not be the best summer vacation option. Fortunately, mountain biking is an amazing social-distancing summer activity that is both healthy and fun!

The United States is ripe with serene landscapes and incredible trails, and there is a plethora of trails available for any level of experience. So regardless if you are a beginner, professional, or looking for somewhere fun to take the family and the pets, there’s a trail out there for you. Here are seven outstanding mountain biking trails in the western US for summer 2020:

1. Mills Peak Trail, California – Experience Level: Intermediate

California is the birthplace of mountain biking. With a state so big, it is impossible to pick one trail as the best. However, it would be blasphemous not to include Mills Peak Trail in Downieville on our list. Mills Peak is a secret gem in California. It’s nearly 14 miles long, full of dense evergreen forests, as well as lush open landscapes, all while you descend nearly 3,000 ft. Mills Peaks was built by mountain bikes for mountain bikers, which is why it’s a must-see visit for any riders near or in the California region.

2. Moab, Utah – Experience Level: Beginner to Advanced

two persons with bicycles on the edge of a cliff
A fantastic overlook along one of the Moab trails. Photo by Anjuli Anjuli.

Moab is one of the oldest and most iconic mountain biking destinations on the planet. What separates Moab from other mountain bike destinations on this list is the continuous introduction of newly built trails each year. In fact, Moab adds approximately 30 miles of new trails every year! Due to the local commitment to adding new and exciting trails, there are multiple trails available for all experience levels, which makes Moab a great destination for family riders. Likewise, there is a nice combination of old school trails, as well as iconic originals, giving you great flexibility when you visit.  

3. Broken Arrow Trail, Arizona – Experience Level: Advanced

The Broken Arrow Trail is a 2.9-mile loop in Sedona, Arizona. Although relatively short, the trails feature red rocky canyons and breathtaking views. It is a great trail for animal lovers too! Dog owners can bring their playful pups but must keep them on a leash at all times. Although a breathtaking experience, mountain biking on this trail is not for the faint of heart and may be intimidating for less experienced riders. Broken Arrow features large rock ledges, steep downhill descents, and many obstacles along the way. This trail is suitable for more experienced mountain bikers.

4. Dawson’s Butte Trail, Colorado – Experience Level: Beginner

Dawson Butte is another amazing trail for less-experienced riders looking for an less challenging experience. The Dawson Butte trail is a 5-mile singletrack loop in the heart of Castle Rock, Colorado. The trail features heavily forested areas and open meadows. It’s also a multipurpose track, so be on the lookout for hikers. Throughout the 5-mile journey, the elevation change is only 300 feet. The elevation changes are gradual, but there are quite a few turns along the way. Overall, Dawson Butte is generally a straightforward ride, suitable for all rider levels.

Jill Colorado WatchingStorm
KÜHL cyclist Jill Cederholm watches a storm roll by in Colorado. Photo by C.Yndestad

5. Lake Sawyer, Washington – Experience Level: Beginner

If you are someone new to mountain biking or would like an undemanding and relaxing mountain biking experience that the whole family can enjoy, Lake Sawyer is a remarkable location. Lake Sawyer features a web of beginner level trails with few drops and obstacles. Likewise, there are only a few steep climbs and hardly any sharp corners or dangerous paths. Please note that Washington state representatives are urging all Lake Sawyer visitors to be smart and practice social distancing while using the trails.

6. Osberg Ridge Trail, Idaho – Experience Level: Intermediate to Advanced

Idaho’s Sun Valley is an underrated tourist attraction. Sun Valley is one of the most serene locations on the western frontier. The creme de la creme to the Sun Valley region is the Osberg Ridge Trail. The Osberg Ridde Trail is a 12-mile adventure that flows through the mountainside. At the heart of the trail is Bald Mountain, which offers a jaw-dropping view of the surrounding valley in every possible direction. Be prepared for a lot of climbing, as well as some deep descents. This trail is suitable for more experienced riders.

7. McKenzie River Trail, Oregon – Experience Level: Intermediate

man on a mountain bike in the woods
The beautiful McKenzie River Trail will take your breath away. Photo by Dave Roth.

Like California, Oregon is full of must-ride trails. Many consider the state’s crown jewel is the McKenzie River Trail. The McKenzie River Trail is the type of trail you want to take your time riding, and stop and relish all the beautiful sites it features. Throughout the 26-mile journey, you will encounter pristine 300-year-old trees, cavernous lava fields, crystal-clear lakes, awe-inspiring waterfalls, and beautiful blue skies. However, due to the pandemic, all trail goers must adhere to travel guidelines. Here are the trail’s travel guidelines to ensure a safe outing. 

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Featured image by Philip Hawkshaw.

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