A Simple Guide to Men's Button-Up Shirts

By KÜHL Editor on September 13, 2023
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As an outdoor enthusiast, you're likely very familiar with unpredictable, confusing spring weather-- heat, then cold; snow, then rain; sunshine, then clouds. You might even thrive on it, finding yourself excited to begin preparing for whatever Mother Nature could possibly throw your way this spring (don't worry, we totally get it).

So, what's more dependable than a versatile button-up in these trying seasonal times? While we're sure you have a logical and well-informed response lined up, we encourage you to take a look at our guide to button-up shirts and how to get the most out of them this spring, from folding to wearing.

How to fold a button-up shirt?

While there isn't an entirely foolproof way to fold a button-up shirt without wrinkling it, doing so correctly will prevent unnecessary creases from forming during travel or storage. Additionally, folding your shirts instead of hanging them up can save you some valuable closet space. 

For dress shirts, some swear by the rolling method:

  1. Button the shirt up all the way and lay it out flat, with the buttons facing the table.
  2. Fold the shirt in half vertically, being sure to match up the cuffs.
  3. Take the sleeves and fold them across at the shoulder seam so that the cuffs match up with the bottom of the shirt.
  4. Starting from the collar and keeping the sleeves and body straight throughout, roll the folded shirt up to the hem.

Once the shirt is rolled up, carefully place it in your drawer or bag to make sure that it doesn't come apart again. This works really well for filling a suitcase with extra clothing for long trips and will help you stay organized, without destroying your carefully packed luggage every time you change clothes.

For storing bulkier button-up shirts in drawers, the flat fold is useful:

  1. Button the shirt up all the way and lay it out flat, with the buttons facing the table.
  2. Take your finger and place it at the top of the shoulder seam and fold the sleeve towards the middle, lining the cuff up with the hem.
  3. Repeat this on the other side with the second sleeve, keeping the cuffs as flat as possible.
  4. Take the cuff of each sleeve and, folding at the elbow, bring each cuff up towards the shoulder (this will make step 5 much easier).
  5. Fold the shirt in half horizontally by bringing the hem up to the shoulders, trying not to disturb the sleeves.

After the final fold, carefully flip the shirt over, and-- done!  This fold looks neat, lays flat, and can be stacked to maximize storage space. Plus, thicker shirts will be more likely to resist the deeper creases in the elbow and midriff areas, making busy, grab-and-go suitcase traveling a little less wrinkly.

A Simple Guide to Mens Button Up Shirts Provok
Summer-ready button-up shirt like no other! Product shown: PROVOK SS

How to wash a button-up shirt?

KÜHL men's button-up shirts are built to last and designed to be as comfortable and versatile as possible, from the fit and color right down to the advanced fabric blends used in every garment. Washing techniques can, and will, vary between shirt styles and will depend on what the shirt is made of and how often you wear it. To protect your KÜHL button-up shirts from damage, read all care tags thoroughly and follow the instructions listed. If none are present, we recommend washing the shirt in cool water with a gentle detergent and air-drying or putting it in the dryer on a low-heat setting. 

Some shirts, like high-end dress shirts or heavy-duty button-up shirts, don't need to be washed as often as, say, a shirt that you worked hard (or played hard) in. In fact, over-washing, harsh detergents, and improper drying will eventually damage any clothing by wearing the fibers down and causing issues like pilling and discoloration. If you didn't work up a sweat while you wore it, then wearing it again is definitely encouraged to increase the shirt's lifespan. Gently spot-treat any major stains with a mild detergent pen to avoid distressing the fabric; avoid applying harsh chemicals like bleach and starch for the same reason. 

How to pack a button-up shirt?

Packing long-sleeved, button-up shirts is a trial in both ingenuity and practicality! To simplify things, you'll need to know what you want out of your luggage space and how long you plan to stay at your destination. To keep a few light button-up shirts from wrinkling and creasing, we recommend using the flat fold method and stacking them top of one another. If maximizing space is your priority, roll everything from your shirts to your socks, and strategically layer the items in your luggage according to priority.

KÜHL high-performance gear is not only specifically designed to withstand an active lifestyle, but is perfect for a variety of activities. With features like moisture-wicking fabric and security pockets combined with stylish fits and designs, our top-quality button-up shirts look and feel right at home, at both work and the campsite. Easily combine your active wear with your everyday wardrobe with our versatile selection of styles and materials, and find yourself ready for your next adventure the moment it begins.

How to wear a button-up shirt?

Picking a button-up shirt that suits your personal style and needs doesn't have to be hard-- in fact, our awesome selection here at KÜHL makes it a breeze. Choose between short-sleeve, long-sleeve, extra pockets, high-performance materials, security features, and more to get the most out of your KÜHL button-up, then watch it become your go-to when packing up for your next hiking trip.

Looking for a good way to bridge the gap between the golf course and the office? The REJECTR SS has what it takes to keep you cool and flexible while looking clean. Its functionally structured style gives the REJECTR SS a polished fit that makes it great for a casual Friday at work, and an Ultraviolet Protection Factor of 35 will help protect you from dangerous UV rays while you're on the move. You can find similar benefits in the PROVOK SS, an ultra-luxurious and uniquely patterned shirt that will easily replace your favorite active wear.

A Simple Guide to Mens Button Up Shirts Styk
A trailhead is a great place to start fresh. Product shown: STYK

Great for a day of hiking or a casual barbecue, the STYK features a moisture-wicking blend that won't let you down. A super lightweight, UV-protective design, combined with the stylish look of a tapered fit will guarantee the STYK a permanent place in your summer wardrobe, no matter the occasion. Ripped seams are a thing of the past-- you can enjoy comfortable, unrestricted movements with the mechanical stretch provided by our specialized materials, allowing you to move as fast (or as slow) as you want to.

Getting geared up for spring feels great, especially with summer just around the corner, but it takes the right gear to make the season unforgettable! KÜHL brand men's button-ups are the perfect addition to whatever adventure you're headed for, whether it's at work, in the backyard, or halfway across the world.

KÜHL Editor
KÜHL Editor


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