Berthoud Pass Resources

December 2, 2013

A little over a year ago I started a project I call “Grand Lines“. The original goal was to create an online guidebook to Berthoud Pass. Since then Grand Lines has expanded to a resource for more than just Berthoud Pass, but Colorado remains the focus. You can still find the section for Berthoud Pass under the state of Colorado in the Zones.

A map with line descriptions is only so valuable without context though, so I’ve written up a series of articles to help people who might be new to the pass, unfamiliar with the terrain, or who just need suggestions of where to go.

Intro to Berthoud Pass and Words of Caution – The pass presents a unique backcountry scenario, I try to break down a few of those in a general overview to skiing and riding the pass.

Early Season Guide To Berthoud Pass – Berthoud Pass can be an amazing early season spot, but knowing where to go and where to avoid is crucial to keep your gear and your body in working condition.

First Timer’s Guide To Berthoud Pass – Orient yourself and get your bearings before you get yourself in trouble! Take a day to figure out what’s what and get the lay of the land.