Chain Lakes Loop

Best Backpacking Spots in Washington’s Cascade Mountains You Should Visit in 2021

Choosing from Washington state’s countless, astonishing overnight trips is nearly impossible. The Cascade Mountains span the entire state and offer endless opportunities for day hikes to longer, multi-day outings. The nine hi

Lake And Mountain at Sunrise

8 Tips for Backpacking Ice Lakes Basin

Within the impressive San Juan Mountains of southern Colorado lies the unfathomable Ice Lakes Basin, a place that stimulates the imagination and intrigues all who travel to this alpine bowl. The vibrant blues of the lakes, the never en

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How to Go Beach Backpacking

What’s better than a vacation on a tropical island, walking barefoot down a soft sandy beach, listening to the soft lapping of waves and seagulls, or spying breaching dolphins and curious seals in the surf? Ditchin

20171207_Iva Bell Hot Springs_nov17

4 Southern California Hot Springs for Backpackers Only

Southern California is a hotbed of geothermal activity and plate tectonics, which can have the effect of creating an ever-creeping dread of the inevitable earthquake. But instead of living in perpetual fear of the "Big One," outdoor-loving types in SoCal can t

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Central Illinois Is a Bona Fide Hub for Outdoor Recreation. Here's Proof.

If you think of the central portion of our country as nothing but endless cornfields, lazy rivers, and wide-open spaces, you’re not alone. Indeed, just a year ago, I would have said the same thing.