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Bearanoid? Don't Let Bears Keep You Out of the Backcountry - Part Two

Lowering the risk of bear vs. human conflict There's no fail-safe method for deterring bears, nor is there any guarantee that you will avoid conflict when you're in their environment. But most people who spend time in bear country will encounter a

Bearanoid Featured Image - Bear in a forest next to a water surface.

Bearanoid? Don't Let Bears Keep You Out of the Backcountry - Part One

If you've seen The Revenant, Backcountry, or even Annihilation, perhaps you developed a wee bit of bear paranoia. I personally think that these over-the-top movies elicit a healthier attitude towards bears than, say, Tim Treadwell's cuddly

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5 Strategies to Sharpen Concentration and Perform Your Best as an Outdoor Athlete

Whether you’re glade skiing, rock climbing, or navigating a busy freeway, the ability to sharpen and maintain concentration is essential for effective risk management and peak performance. Concentration is a mental skill developed through disciplined prac

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Benefits of Cold Weather Outdoor Activities

There's nothing like it. The landscape looks like it's been painted white. The forest is silent, the boughs heavy with snow. Sometimes the only sound you can hear is the wind whistling through the trees. Call me a romantic, but there's something about the out

Car on snowy road surrounded by tall trees

Survival Skills: Your Winter "Just in Case" Car Kit

Imagine you're traversing a mountain pass on a holiday road trip, and snowy conditions, fatigue, and your smartphone lead you to a wrong turn. Before you know it, you're lost. And stuck. Suddenly, the snow's far deeper than it was only yards before, and the

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A European Climbing Vacation

A family friend is fond of calling us "Swiss family Hörst," given our Swiss/German heritage and our propensity to go on epic rock climbing trips each summer. Most summers we pack our Jeep and travel around the western United States to climb in amazing plac

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Throw and Go: Englestead Canyon Trip Report

Dan: "You wanna see a Texas rope toss? Me: "What's that?" Dan: "Just get your video ready; you only have one take." Another canyon, another adventure in Zion National Park. I've blogged before about adventuring in ZNP, and Englestead has been on my radar si

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5 Family-Friendly Climbs around Salt Lake City

Summer is here, and it’s the perfect time to break out the climbing gear and get back on the rock. When climbing with kids, there's more to consider than simply grabbing your gear and hitting your favorite climbing routes. When I take my kids to the mount


The Insider's Guide to Mount Washington in Winter

Temperatures flirting with 20 below and winds gusting over 50 miles per hour aren’t exactly what you might expect when you start the drive up I-93 north from Boston under cool, but clear, winter skies. But in just a few hours of driving, you can quickly be t