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Have You Herd? Hiking With Pack Goats is a Thing

Is it a fair trade if your hiking partner carries all your stuff when all you have to do is set up camp and make dinner? What if he listens patiently, occasionally munching on carrot sticks, while you unload about work, car payments, and your political opin

Forrest Galante and kangaroos standing in a field.

Adventure: Extinct or Alive

Discover the extinct KÜHL Ambassador and wildlife biologist Forrest Galante uncovers evidence that animals declared extinct might still be alive in his hit show "Extinct or Alive." He travels around the world,

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8 Reasons the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge is a Must-Visit Destination (for the Bold at Heart)

If you dream of treading untouched wilderness, watching caribou stream across pristine tundra, and viewing polar bears prowling the coast, there's one place on Earth with your name on it: The Arctic National Wildlife Refuge. Although the refuge often makes hea