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Night Skiing 101: Top Spots, Tips, Clothing & Gear

Spending time in the great outdoors is even more magical when you do it at night. If you're into hiking and camping, you've probably been on several night hiking trips by now. But did you know that night skiing is also a thing?

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Winter Biking: An In-Depth Guide To Biking In Cold Weather

As a long time biker, I have to admit, I was always intimidated by winter biking. I always thought winter bikers had a certain, light-hearted approach to life that went beyond my understanding. Sure, I loved the freedom of a bike in th

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The 2021 Fall Guide to Perfect Women's Hiking Pants

Fall is, arguably, the best season of the year for hiking, and we were patient all summer long. There’s a pleasant lack of bugs (and ot

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An In-Depth Beginner Guide To Boating (Tips, Tricks, Clothing)

If you are a first-time boat owner, considering buying a boat, or even renting one for a weekend getaway or family vacation, you know that boating can be an incredibly fun and relaxing experience.

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5 Tips To Beat The Summer Heat When Working Outdoors

Summer is here and we're all about getting outdoors and having fun! If you're a nature enthusiast who happens to like the warm season, you see every hot day as a new opportunity to enjoy outdoor activities - from hiking and road-trippi

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A Guide to Nature Photography Clothing & Personal Gear

I've been a North American nature photographer for years. I've stalked musk oxen, arctic fox, and caribou in Nunavut; wolves, and marten in Montana; and migrating birds along the Texas/Mexican border. I've visited other top wildlife ph

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Birdwatching And Why You'll Love It

Whether it's the 200 mph diving speed of the Peregrine Falcon or the carrying capacity of the Pallas Fish Eagle (that can lift up a 13 lb carp), we can all agree that birds are truly amazing. That's why so many people love to observe b

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Double Front Pants, Jeans, and Dungarees... What's The Difference?

Every hiker, camper, worker, and DIY enthusiast knows what the outdoors are an exciting universe of complete freedom. But as fun as that sounds, nature can give you a hard time if your outfit is not designed for the task (think combing

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Love Craftsmanship? Try These 5 DIY Projects Around The House

Staying at home can be one of your most exciting experiences if add a DIY project to your to-do list. The exciting thing is that literally anything can turn into a fantastic DIY project. Give your house a custom décor, and have fun at