man in KÜHL jacket going uphill on skis surrounded by snow

Common Sports Injuries & Tips for Recovery

You were out having the time of your life when suddenly your whole life changed. Maybe you fell, maybe you twisted something, but either way, you got hurt.  We’ve all been the

man and women in KÜHL clothing hiking through the woods

Defeat Post-Hiking Fatigue: How to Recover from a Long Hike

Being in nature helps improve mental well-being and sparks creative ideas. To be

two men hiking in the woods

How to Train for Hiking: 7 Exercises You Can Do at Home

It’s crucial to train your mind and body before engaging in challenging hikes, especially long distances or to higher altitudes. Without preparation, there's a greater chance of injury and loss of energy before you’ve reached your

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Trip Report: Arizona’s Civana Wellness Resort & Spa

In mid-August, Ira and I flew to Phoenix for a wellness getaway at the award-winning Civana Wellness Resort & Spa. While some of our previous t

An image of an outdoor sauna under construction and how to build it

How to Build an Outdoor Sauna in Your Backyard

There's no better way to soothe sore muscles after a long hike or an exhilarating mountain ski session than with time spent in an outdoor sauna. The use of a sauna, correctly pronounced “sow-nah,” has been a way of life in Finland

tall green trees during daytime

Forest Bathing: What Is It & How Can It Improve Your Health

Connecting with nature has long been rejoiced by writers, poets, and artists worldwide. Forests, in particular, are magical, peaceful places full of wonder. Finding time to wander through the trees can have an amazing effect on both yo

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Reboot and Refresh at Colorado's Vista Verde Ranch

Like many outdoor enthusiasts, my husband and I spend the winter months participating in winter-themed activities at mountain resorts. Park City,

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Ten Bay Area Camping Spots When You Need to Unplug

Living in San Francisco and surrounding Bay Area cities can make it impossible to disconnect from your phones, your work, and life's everyday stress. Whether you're need of a rechar

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6 Tips to Strengthen Your Immunity

Like it or not, medical experts say that the majority of us will be exposed to COVID-19 this year. To help slow the spread—and “flatten the curve”—most of us are subject to stay-at-home orders, preventing us from our regular mo