Double Front Pants, Jeans, and Dungarees... What's The Difference?

By KÜHL Editor on June 19, 2023
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Every hiker, camper, worker, and DIY enthusiast knows what the outdoors are an exciting universe of complete freedom. But as fun as that sounds, nature can give you a hard time if your outfit is not designed for the task (think combing through a thicket or kneeling on rough wood).

Whether you're planning to spend time outdoors on an exploration adventure or a work-related project, you need high-quality, durable, comfortable, and abrasion-resistant clothing. That's where double front pants come into the spotlight, with a versatile design made for work and play.

Double front pants can handle any situation with ease: protect your legs and pocket your tools at work, look good on a casual gathering, and fit into your bag for a road trip or camping tour.

What are double front pants?

Double front pants are not your regular trousers. In the literal sense, they appear to have two fronts. A typical double front has two front pockets and two back pockets, sometimes with a set of two layers. Additionally, there are utility pockets, including mid-thigh pockets that may also be dual. For durability, all stress points around the pockets usually have rivets. Finally, they may have a hammer loop.

Aside from the design, double front pants are usually constructed from sturdy fabric, such as cotton. Rarely would you find them made of wool, rayon, or silk. Cotton is ideal because it's durable, gentle to the skin and retains shape. Adding just a bit of spandex can enhance or complement cotton qualities, making the perfect fiber blend for double front pants.

So, you wonder what top-quality men's double front pants look like in real life? Check out THE LAW™. KÜHL KNOCKABOUT™ KLOTH and the double-ply front make them as tough as nails, without sacrificing comfort and flexibility. After a long day of work, you can brush them off and proceed to your favorite bar for a drink - or to the woods for a weekend camping trip!

man sitting next to the orange tent
Kick back and enjoy a weekend getaway in nature in flexible and stylish double front pants. Product shown: THE LAW™.

Okay, you say, that's enough about the double front pants. Let's talk a bit about other proud members of men's workwear - such as jeans and dungarees.

What is the difference between jeans and dungarees?

New fashionistas would say that comparing jeans to dungarees is like relating cookies to biscuits – it's the same thing depending on where you live. There is a significant difference between jeans and dungarees, and we need to take a trip down memory lane to understand it.

Jeans are usually denim trousers that cover the body from the waist downwards. As a patent, they were first introduced to the world over 140 years ago.

Modern dungarees can also be made of denim; unlike jeans, they have extra fabric that covers the torso, with straps or suspenders instead of arms. Dungarees got their name from the durable “dungri” cloth originated from India. Pronouncing it "dungaree," Englishmen imported the fabric in the 18th century and used it to make durable workwear. Little by little, dungaree became the name for a style of men's and women's workwear.

Today, innovative fashion designers modified and upgraded both jeans and dungarees for everyday wear. Dungarees with sleeves that are intended for work are called overalls/coveralls, although some people use these terms as synonyms, especially in a casual context.

What is the difference between denim and dungarees?

Straight to the answer, dungarees are outfits, while denim is a fabric.

A little more into the details, designers usually make dungarees from the dungaree fabric, which comes from pre-colored yarn. The dungaree fabric is sturdier than denim; it was even used to make tents and sails. Of course, it wouldn't be unusual to find dungarees made from denim.

Denim is a fabric. It's made from uncolored yarn and gets colored when it's already woven. It is quite versatile. Denim is used to make shirts, pants, jackets, hoodies and almost everything except undergarments.

Why should I own a pair of double front pants?

One of the most significant benefits of double front pants is their versatility. You can wear them casually, go on a canoeing adventure in them, or get serious with your angle grinder at work; they'll withstand any challenge.

The design of the pants is also a game-changer. Any active outdoorsman greatly benefits from numerous pockets, sometimes even waxed or layered. Nothing feels better than keeping your gear, tools, phone, and wallet safely in a place you can access without effort. Check out the superior ABOVE THE LAW™ with nine pockets and reinforced thigh and knee areas. They're made to stand up to anything, from hiking adventures to welding and home restoration.

a man kneeling while welding
Top-performing men's work pants provide comfort and protection even in the most challenging projects. Product shown: ABOVE THE LAW™.

Finally, top-quality, abrasion-resistant fabric with a touch of spandex for flexibility takes double front pants to the next level of performance. Reinforced at the right places; featuring waxed layers, gusseted crotch, and articulated knees for squatting and crouching; and combined with softness and comfort that move create an outstanding pair of jean-style pants that are so much more than your usual jeans or dungarees. And you know what? We've got them for the ladies as well!

KÜHL Editor
KÜHL Editor


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