Discover the Hinterlands with Sophie and Reuben

February 26, 2016

Hinturland co-founders Sophie and Reuben voluntarily live in a MWB Sprinter van in relentless pursuit of outdoor adventure, personally and as instructors. They immerse themselves in the UK mountains they call home, taking part in a full range of dry and wet activities, including mountaineering, trail/fell running, climbing, canoeing/kayaking, mountain biking and tree top swinging.

They believe adventure is a mindset and that your attitude determines your direction. Sophie and Reuben will almost certainly try anything at least once.

What Makes You a Kühl Kid? How Do You Live the Mountain Culture?
Holding adventure near and dear to our hearts, we converted a MWB Sprinter into a venturesome home base, which we love to journey in to and through the sharp, relentless wilderness. We were both raised to have a daring passion for travel and exploration. This has taken us to some beautiful and exposed areas of the globe. You’ll always find us in the mountains either captivated by risk or cozy in our mobile cabin sharing our stories with you.


Why Did You Choose a Van Life?
We used to stay in a Mondeo Estate car for trips to climbing crags, but it was such a faff to move gear and sleep in, let alone cook in. We’ve always been keen on the idea of van life but leaning more towards practicality for our outdoor lifestyle, rather than following a hippy trend. The Sprinter is an excellent beast of a vehicle. We have a kitchen, a dreamy double bed and lots of storage, all on very capable wheels. The transition has been simple and it beats paying out the nose for accommodation. Our friends once spent £250 for a one night stay in the Lake District. We paid £1 for parking.


If You Could Adventure Anywhere in the World, Where Would You Go?
Our favourite place to be is where we haven’t been. We’d love to visit the small island of New Zealand. Photographs and stories have left us in awe, and it’s definitely high on our hit list.

What’s Your Most Memorable Adventure?
Our first trip together is actually our most memorable. Giddy from having only meeting a few times (on an instructor course), we planned a weeklong trip to North Wales. We climbed everyday in Snowdonia’s rough landscape, in a heat wave, living out of bunk barns and feasting on chorizo/scrambled egg on toast (Reuben’s speciality). We’ve been together ever since and still share that same passion for sketchy expeditions into hinterland.


Who Inspires You?
We are inspired by anyone who pushes beyond their comfort zone and mental limitation. Filmmakers like Jimmy Chin. Sponsored/unsponsored mountaineers, climbers and trail runners like Ueli Steck, Leo Holdling, Emelie Frosberg and Milly Voice.

What’s Your Worst Habit?
Sleeping in past the many alarms we set for action. We push ourselves hard doing 8-10 hour adventures so to wake up from under a pile of warm duvets in the van is difficult to say the least.

What’s Your Favorite Piece of Gear?
The Sprinter Van! Without it we wouldn’t have been the places we’ve visited, or at least not for the length of time we were able to stay. It’s a solid but homely vehicle ready for all kinds of weather.


What’s Your Favorite Food and Drink After an Adventure?
We love a hearty traditional pub meal and pint. ‘Bog Pie’, fish & chips and roasted dinners. If we’ve had a particularly tough day outdoors we treat ourselves to some classic Indian takeaway dishes.

What’s the Best Way to End a First Date?
In the pub with food and a pint in front of you talking about the epic day you’ve just experienced.


Aside from necessities, what things could you not go a day without?
Reuben – Coffee, delicious food and driving.

Sophie – Iced tea, animal company and exercise.


What’s the worst injury you’ve sustained from adventuring and how did you recover?
We’ve both sustained injuries but mostly have gotten away with near misses. From time to time a technical descent has turned an ankle or two into looking like a melon from twisting and rolling over on them. The worst kind of injury is one that makes an area permanently weak and you know at some point it’s going to return. Rest is the best technique for recovery, though it’s hard when you can’t sit still for long.

What’s Your Favorite Thing About Kühl?
Kühl is honest clothing which covers all bases from an urban micro adventure to an epic outdoor expedition. We demand a lot from what we wear and we can count on Kühl apparel to not only last through the tough conditions we face everyday out in the elements but to also allow us to move freely over the terrain we cover. Kühl was definitely born in the mountains, and you’ll know exactly what that means when you try it for yourself.