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Mountain Thoughts: Do Yoga Everywhere

Mountain Thoughts Yoga
November 23, 2015

Over the past few years, my yoga practice has grown. I first started doing it as a form of stress relief and relaxation while trying to get pregnant. After becoming a mother, I fell in love with running. Hard. I wanted to run all the races, all the time. Even still, yoga was still there. Obviously, it still was a form of stress relief (hello new mom to twins!) but also a way to stretch and strengthen my muscles from daily training. Five years later, it’s still a large part of my daily life.


Yoga has done so much for me.

  1. It makes me breathe.
  2. It makes me feel powerful.
  3. It wakes up my mind, body and spirit.
  4. I feel like I have more space in between my ribs.
  5. I love the feeling of energy pulsating through my hands and fingertips.
  6. It pulls my shoulders back and opens my heart.
  7. I love that it pushes me mentally and physically.
  8. It makes me learn to trust in myself.
  9. I love that it’s graceful and makes me feel like a dancer, but at the same time badass.
  10. It makes me focus and be present in the here and now.

I try to go to my favorite yoga studio a few times a week. I roll out my mat and have my favorite teacher guide me through Sun Salutations, Vinyasas and of course, the ultimate finish with sweet Savasana.

But why should my yoga practice only be on my mat?


If you have ever taken a photo of yourself doing yoga poses in public, why aren’t you practicing everywhere? Yoga is absolutely free. It’s always available to you, regardless of day or time. There’s no rule that states it needs to be done on a yoga mat or in a studio. Yoga is not about the teacher or the style, but how you feel when you’re moving, breathing, or sitting still.

If you are just starting out it yoga, it’s best to start practicing with a teacher who can guide you into the correct alignment for each pose. But if you are a seasoned practitioner, it’s time to take yoga off your mat.


The next time you summit a peak or see sunlight filtering in through the trees at just the right angle, take the time to #StopDropAndYoga. It doesn’t have to be fancy. It doesn’t have to be a full practice. It’s your practice. Let it be whatever you feel in that moment.

Take your practice off the mat and do yoga everywhere.



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