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By vitatrain4life on June 19, 2023
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When I was younger I was okay with freezing for fashion. Although I have lived in the northeast for most of my life, with a brief stint on the west coast, I purchased my women's outerwear based solely on looks for the better part of 25 years. I suffered through the toughest of winters, attended college in Boston, and saved all my money to buy a decent men's jacket, thinking that was the only time I really needed to be warm. Ah, youth.

As I got a bit older and colder, I decided I couldn’t care less what I looked like as long as I was warm. When you’re hauling twin car seats in and out of your vehicle several times a day in sub-zero temps for months on end, fashion tends to take a backseat to function. Way back.

I’m still suffering though long winters in the northeast. Although the days of lugging the car seats are past me, I still run plenty of errands throughout the day and prefer to feel my fingers and face as I check off my to-do list. So, when I saw the KÜHL Flight Jacket and heard it described as “an adult sized lovie,” I had to have it.

KÜHL Flight Jacket Product Review

I absolutely love the look of the jacket, the size small fits me perfectly, and it zips all the way up to your eyeballs, making for great cover from whipping winds, snowfall and avoiding people in the local market.

It’s also the perfect women's travel jacket. It’s not bulky in the least, despite what it may look like.

It’s perfect for post-ski days in a drafty lodge or for walking around a city during a weekend getaway. I have done both and can tell you the Flight Jacket performed better then my Patagonia (too big and bulky) or Oiselle (too light weight), which prior to buying the Flight Jacket were my go-to weekend wraps.

Fuzzy & Functional

Made with 100% premium, mid-weight Italian fleece, the Flight Jacket combines luxurious softness with outstanding performance. Available in six distinct colors, the two-toned fleece threads add richness and depth.

Two zippered chest pockets provide bonus storage, and the zippered hand pockets are extra deep. The cozy hood zips out from the collar when you need protection from the elements and easily zips away when you don't. Kühl's signature thumb loops are the final touch to this well-designed, must-have women's jacket.

A favorite with my fellow ambassadors, the Flight Jacket was a top pick in the Women's Winter Outerwear Guide


It's the perfect fit for Angela's snowy shenanigans, and Nicole took her Flight Jacket across the pond and relied on its warmth after a bone-chilling run through the hills.


Making the Grade

Perfect for busy mamas and fit chicks, the Flight Jacket earns an A+ for peak performance and crazy coziness. Retailing at $169, think of the Flight Jacket as an investment against frostbite. For a luxurious layering option, check out the Flight Vest, too.

As women we may not be able to raise fully functioning adults, have an amazingly successful career, AND run marathons and climb actual mountains on our days off, but we can look good and stay warm with a jacket that most certainly does it all.

Allie is a KÜHL ambassador, but she purchased the Flight Jacket on her own and was not compensated for this post. All opinions are her own.



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