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While spring is rapidly transitioning to summer in the States, warmer temps are slower to arrive in the UK. British ambassador Sophie Lee shows us why a good fleece is a year-round essential.

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KÜHL Flight Jacket Product Review

It’s almost impossible not to fall in love at first sight with KÜHL's luxuriously soft Flight Jacket, made from looped Italian fleece fabric. Knowing I feel the cold more than most people, I just had to try it out.

At first I was a bit concerned that I would blend in with the local wildlife, here being the Herdwick Sheep! I am relieved to tell you that's not the case. I felt slender and warm, attracting jealous eyes and comments walking through the fells: 'That jacket looks so cosy, where can I get one!'

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Although it’s meant to be Spring in the UK, the weather has been far from it recently. We had snow in May, so there has been more of a chill to the air than there usually would be at this time of year. Lucky for me I’ve had the KÜHL Flight Jacket to keep me toasty. I’m a size 8 in the UK, and the small (S) is a superb fit in the body and arms without being either too tight or too loose.

I also wore this jacket when I was ill with flu in the mountains of Glencoe, Scotland. I found myself curled up and comforted by the cushy feel of this jacket. During this time, the temperatures fell below -10°C (14°F) degrees each night, and frost appeared on the inner windows of our van/home. What better way to test out the Flight Jacket?

What I Love

The oversized collar is a genius touch, adding warmth to the back of your neck and sides of your face when it’s particularly breezy.

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The stowaway hood is easy to zip up whilst wearing the women's jacket in times you don’t need it out.

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Also great for sealing out the cold air are KÜHL's signature thumb loops. In the past I have had trouble with the body fit in comparison to the cuff length so I have avoided using women's jackets with this feature. Somehow in other women's jackets the thumb loops have been uncomfortable and tight fitting. However, I cannot fault the Flight Jacket for this. The micro fleece trims give greater comfort against your skin and it’s the perfect length and positioning to shield your hands.


The four long zip pockets come in use for a variety of sized valuables. Whats more impressive, is that you can even fit a map into the lower pockets. For an adventure obsessed person like myself, it’s a fantastic and unexpected bonus to be able to stash your map in an easily accessible place on the trail.

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The jacket is core dyed for added depth and colour, making the jacket more aesthetically pleasing than if it was just one simple colour.

Prior to wearing the jacket I was expecting to feel a heavier weight and a consciousness about the density of furriness, it occurred to me that the jacket may make me look plump! In actual fact, I found the exact opposite. The Flight Jacket is furry but fitted!


One thing I immediately noticed trying the jacket on for the first time was its fitted shape around the waist and longer shaping around the back. Zipping the Flight Jacket up frames your body nicely and the micro suede accents make the jacket look tailored to the waist. The length at the back prevents you from looking billowy in such a shaggy piece clothing.

My Only Gripe

The fleece is a wicking, quick-dry performance material, but it does need some care and attention if it starts to matte. On many of my adventures I use rucksacks to carry all of my gear. Wearing a shoulder harness or backpack flattens the fleece material, and you end up with a worn patch. Now I only use small packs whilst wearing the Flight Jacket to preserve the premium fleece. In the grand scheme of things, it’s not too big of a deal, and with a wash and tumble dry the loft in the fleece is quickly revitalised.

Making the Grade

A definite A+ is deserved for the Flight Jacket. I’m so highly impressed with its functional fit and its performance at -10°C (14°F) in snowy Scotland.

Retailing at $169 and available in six different colours, it’s unquestionably worth every penny.

I received KÜHL apparel for this review at no cost. I received no other compensation for this post, and all opinions are my own.

Front 3Sophie is one half of Hinturland, the dynamic duo who voluntarily live in a MWB Sprinter van in relentless pursuit of outdoor adventure, personally and as instructors. Reuben and Sophie immerse themselves in the UK mountains they call home, taking part in a full range of dry and wet activities, including mountaineering, trail/fell running, climbing, canoeing/kayaking, mountain biking and tree top swinging. They believe adventure is a mindset and that your attitude determines your direction. Sophie and Reuben will almost certainly try anything at least once.


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