Hit the Trails in KÜHL Kendra Short

By Danielle on June 19, 2023

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I am not sure what I hiked in before I started wearing KÜHL clothing. I think about it sometimes, and I truly can’t remember. Did I wear women's hiking shorts in the summer? Jeans in the winter and fall? Women's leggings? I have no idea.

Spending pretty much the entirety of the past two weekends in my Kendra Shorts, I wonder how I did it. How did I survive without the stretch, the moisture-wicking material, and the pockets? I hope I never have to find out again.

Kendra Short Product Review

Shorts are a tricky thing to purchase as a woman. You want something flattering but functional. Having bigger hips or thighs can making finding something comfortable a challenge, and the older you get, the more you want women's shorts that are a "reasonable" length – whatever that means for you.

When I pulled on the Kendra Shorts, I felt comfortable right away. Not only did the shorts feel good, with a two-layer stretch fabric that moves as you move, but they also looked good. The 5.5" inseam shows enough leg for a flattering, modern look without showing so much as to leave you feeling exposed.

In South Carolina, it’s already starting to get hot and humid by the time May rolls around. Moisture-wicking properties are important for anyone, but they’re especially important in the South, where a 5-mile hike can see you completely drenched in sweat before it’s even officially summer.

I was curious to see how my KENDRA Shorts held up in this regard. Don’t get me wrong – while moisture-wicking properties are great – it’s not so great when your women's shorts show a ton of sweat and don’t dry quickly.

Seeing as how these are KÜHL women's shorts we’re talking about, I should have known better than to worry. The Kendra Short features Kühldry™, a two-layer, stretch fabric designed to keep you dry. The outer layer pulls moisture away from your skin while the inner layer breathes and dries quickly.

Rainbow Falls at Jones Gap State Park

Despite a high temperature pushing 90°F on my Mother’s Day hike with my mom (who, like the #KuhlMom she is, was wearing KONTRA Shorts), I was cool and comfortable in my Kendra Shorts and SORA Tank. Of course, being a holiday and all, you know we were going to take a picture! No sweat to be seen, though – phew! Of course, I should never have doubted the shorts.

Danielle and Mom at Raven Cliff Falls Overlook

The pockets on the Kendra Shorts can’t be overstated, either. This is one area where women's running shorts and other brands just can’t compete! The shorts offer full size pockets on both the front and the back – perfect for your phone, your keys, a snack, whatever! I’m not used to having large pockets on my running clothes, so this is a huge bonus for me. It’s nice not having to reach into my backpack every time I want to check to see what time it is!

Getting a closer look

Finally, like all of KÜHL's products for women, the Kendra Shorts are perfect for around town, too. Last weekend, my husband and I biked 20 miles through our city and up to a local café and grocery store. I could have easily walked into a casual bar or restaurant and fit right in.

Danielle and husband AJ after a ride around Greenville, SC

Retailing at $60, the Kendra Short takes you from handlebars to happy hour with no problem! If you’re looking for a “go everywhere, do anything” kind of short that fits, flatters, and generally improves the quality of your active outdoor life, look no further than the Kendra Short.

I received KÜHL apparel for this review at no cost. I received no other compensation for this post, and all opinions are my own.



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