Stay Cool and Dry in KÜHL Airspeed Shirt

By zachcarbo on June 19, 2023
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When I received the new KÜHL Airspeed LS and Airspeed SS shirts, I wasn't exactly sure what to expect. After years of owning numerous KÜHL shirts of different styles, fabrics and patterns, I thought this shirt would be a variation of a previously released shirt or similar to something another company had already released.

Then I came to my senses and realized that isn’t how KÜHL does businessAnd this shirt is not your typical KÜHL shirt either. 

KÜHL Airspeed Shirt Product Review

Once again KÜHL designed a fabric to suit the specific needs of its customers. AirVolution™ combines UV protection from the sun with a moisture wicking, quick drying fabric that moves with you every step of the way.

KÜHL then matched the AirVolution fabric with strategically placed Koncealer™ mesh panels throughout the shirt, including the side panels under the arms. Convenient zip and bottom closure pockets on the chest give you options to secure small personal items like a phone or wallet. 


The best part is that I received the shirts in time for my paragliding, BASE jumping and paddling trip to Moab, Utah. I paired these shirts with the Rydr, Radikl and Riot pant during my two week trip.

Moab was the ultimate testing ground for the Airspeed shirts. Between the mild (for Moab) 75-85 degree temps and the occasional downpour of rain, the shirt performed flawlessly.

What I Love

Soft, Stretchy, Breathable Fabric

While Elüxur Lite fabric has long been my favorite when it comes to KÜHL men's shirts, the combination of soft AirVolution fabric and stretchy mesh panels gives all of my other men's shirts - and every other men's performance shirt on the market - a run for its money. This comfort, combined with the always cool, perpetually breathing characteristics of the shirts, made the Airspeed the only shirts I wore for nearly two weeks.


Not Wet for Long

Although the air is typically pretty dry in Moab, the temperatures and level of activities still make me sweat profusely. Staying hydrated is always my first concern in the back country, but staying dry and comfortable is a close runner up.

After logging countless hours on the trails and sandstone formations of Mineral Bottom and Castle Valley carrying a stash bag filled with my parachute rig, helmet, water, camera and pads, only my brow and my back were noticeably wet.


Even the back of the shirt didn’t stay wet long. By the time I took my pack off, checked the exit and get geared up, the shirt was dry and ready to fly!

The Fit

The Airspeed shirts fit awesome.  Although I don’t usually roll my sleeves up past my elbows, KÜHL was thoughtful enough to add a button on the outside bicep area to convert the long sleeves to short sleeves.

The shoulder and chest area leave plenty of room. Combined with the stretchy, comfortable fabric, you're never limited in your movement and won't miss that next hand hold or high five!


My Peeves

The only thing I found a little cumbersome were the buttons...and that is being really picky.

They are made from rubber and a little larger than the sleek buttons on other KÜHL men's shirts. While this design means the buttons don’t slip loose or come undone, it also means it’s a little more difficult to button and unbutton them. Again, this is being very picky because I just HAD to come up with SOMETHING I didn’t love about the shirts!

Making the Grade

Made to fit, stretch, breath, dry and outperform all other shirts, the Airspeed Shirts earn an A+.  I consider myself pretty stingy with grading, but I really couldn’t find anything that I didn’t love about these shirts.


The KÜHL Airspeed SS Shirt retails for $75, and the Airspeed LS Shirt is $85.

Made for hot days, this shirt has more than enough style and longevity to take it deep into the night. The KÜHL Airspeed is THE shirt for your next adventure!

I received KÜHL apparel for this review at no cost. I received no other compensation for this post, and all opinions are my own.



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