KÜHL Bike Team Bio: Bill Street

By KÜHL Editor on July 06, 2023

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Bill likes bikes[/caption] Name: Bill Street Age: 28 From: Sheboygan,WI Favorite thing to do other than biking: I love to ride my motorcycle to the beach and relax with friends by playing some volleyball, grilling out and attempting to even out the sweet cyclist tan lines (impossible) What's your most memorable ride? Pre-riding the NORBA course at Mt. Snow in VT in 2007 and absolutely killing it! I was in the zone and was beyond crushing the technical rocky decent and seriously gaping a couple of my friends I was riding with that are PRO and can usually throttle me overall. If you could ride anywhere in the world for a week, where would you go? British Columbia, Canada. The MTBing looks absolutely SICK! Who inspires you? My coach, Brian Matter. Brian is a great example of a role model, professional cyclist and overall great person who is always striving to help others and share is knowledge. What's your worst habit? Sweet Tooth, especially chocolate. What is one biker stereotype that you embody? That you stray far from? One stereotype that I embody as a cyclist is making sure my shorts are in the same exact spot to maximize my tanline definition. I figure if I'm going to have a tanline I might as well make it count and get the best night and day difference between the two sides. A stereotype I stray from as a cyclist would be the number of bikes that I own. Right now I only have 4 (2 cx, 1 xc, 1 beater) and most people/cyclist I know tend to have more than that (6 or more). I know this is a stretch of an answer but finding something I don't adhere to as a cyclist stereotype wise is proving to be harder than I thought. Favorite gear innovation you have seen? Favorite piece of gear? Biggest peeve about gear? My favorite gear innovation would have to be tubeless mtb tires and how great they work with sealant to the point that you don't have to think about them. Tubeless is great from a weight stand point as well and sealant simplicity during racing situation. My favorite piece of gear would be my egg beater pedals; they're simple in design but work extremely well and can take a beating but keep on ticking. My biggest peeve about gear would be the HUGE 29er push from the industry. I shouldn't thrown too many stones at this since I just bought one but I really like my 26" mtb and the industry is really pushing them out of their top end bikes to make way for the 29er revolution which will be a bust in my opinion. I think the 29ers are still to sluggish and heavy and you have to adjust your riding style a little to steer the big wheels. My guess is the 650b frames will be the next BIG thing and push the 29ers out just like they did to the 26" bikes. What law(s) have you broken that resulted in a good story? What's the story? Do you have to get caught for this question to count? I could have been cited for indecent exposure when I bared all in the summer of 2006. I raced in the legendary Naked MTB Crit that takes place in a undisclosed parking lot on the Mt. Snow, VT grounds during a NORBA race. It was pretty exhilarating and funny to add my name to the list of many a rider who have participated in the unsanctioned event through the years. Just enough light shines on the participants to catch a glimpse of faces among other things before the riders disappear into the darkness between light poles during the race. I may even have incriminating photos (don't worry nothings showing) to prove it. What is one of your biggest life accomplishments? Becoming an Eagle Scout is a cherished accomplishment that I value more and more every day the more I look back on it and what it truly means. The values and lessons I learned then are still being used in my every day life.

An Eagle Scout always exploring new things[/caption] What songs make you most stoked to ride? Eminem - Lose Yourself Skrillex - Bangarang Favorite food and drink post epic ride? Pizza with the gang that just busted out the epic ride. A cold micro-brew is always nice or a fresh lemon-aid. If your life was turned into a movie, what actor would play your role? Justin Timberlake Genie gives you three wishes and you have five minutes to decide all three. What are they? What if I took longer than 5 minutes to think of this answer? Since I can't do the cliche of wishing for more wishes or asking for more time to think about what I want here goes. 1.) I would wish for all of my family and friends to be able to do whatever truly makes them happy for a living and if allowed include myself so I could ride/race bikes fully supported anywhere and everywhere for my living. 2.) I'd wish for a life of good health and prosperity. 3.) Lastly I would wish for a sweet house on a lake somewhere with a killer view, weather that's always warm and sunny and plenty of hills around me with no traffic on the roads for me to ride my bike all day long. Best way to end a first date? Eat Ice cream while going for a walk along the lake and river in my home town. Most visited website? www.cyclingnews.com What's hot?/ What's not? Hot is toned calves and glutes (with tanlines of course). Sheboygan, WI is not; it's always cooler near the lake. What would you do if it was the end of the world tomorrow? Tell work to have a good one but I'm out. Then I'd make sure to enjoy the rest of my time with my family and all try to do something we really enjoy. Most likely try to remember all the good times we've had in our lives and embrace the positive side of life rather than the negative of the world ending. (Wow we had a good run in life) Would you rather fail or never try? FAIL FOR SURE! I think it's better to try and fail rather than to live with the "WHAT IF'S" and possible regret from not trying something you wanted to. If you could spend a year doing something that you have never, ever done, what would it be? Backpack Europe and see all of the different history and culture there is within such a small area. Do you have any pets? Do you ride with them? Not right now (lots of dogs through the years). I would love to ride with my next pet and help keep them in shape too. Worst injury sustained from biking and how did you recover? Bulging Disc near my L5 vertebrate. Lots of rest, core strengthening exercises (muscle imbalance between my core/hipflexors and everything else), yoga, swimming, skate skiing. Basically 2-3 months in the off season of rehab. What the fastest speed you've ever gone on a bike? 56 MPH downhill in NC

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KÜHL Editor


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