KÜHL Bike Team Bio: John Librett

By KÜHL Editor on July 06, 2023
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Name? John Librett Age? 47 Where you’re from? Vermont Where you live? Utah

John Librett tears it up in a race course[/caption] Favorite things to do other than biking? Hanging with the kids, skiing, traveling, working Most memorable ride? I was 8 years old and I told my mom I was going for a bike ride. She made me a salami sandwich. I got on my Schwinn Stingray and rode four hours (30 miles from Connecticut to New York); all on beautiful country rodes. I'll never forget riding up the long driveway of my friend's house - the first time I experienced the feeling of completing an epic ride. When I got to my friend's house (how I found it is a mystery), my friend's mom called my mom and said, John just rode his bike to our house. All parents were baffled that I made the trek - Hey, I told my mom I was going for a bike ride. Hey, she never asked me where I was going! If you could ride anywhere in the world for a week, where would you go? I have a family trip planned to ride the Loire Valley. Who inspires you? Underdog Worst habit? Right now --it's watching Duck Dynasty - "Hey!" What is one biker stereotype that you embody? That you stray far from? While I love to buy and ride bikes and have a bike for every purpose (cross, mt, road, TT, and cruising); I don't ride any of them indoors on a stationary. Favorite gear innovation you have seen? 1 x 11 Favorite piece of gear? Giro Xen light weight full finger gloves; unless my hot tub counts. Biggest peeve about gear? Cost What law(s) or taboos have you broken that resulted in a good story? What's the story? Not so much of a broken law or taboo but maybe a good story. Several years ago I landed a huge job as President of a multi million-dollar new company. On the first day of work I arrived to meet with the corporate CFO (this was a serious group of seasoned executives). I entered the board room to meet with the CFO. I was buttoned-up, had my game face on, and ready for serious work. My job that morning was to review the pro-forma budget with the CFO. I needed to demonstrate that I could lead this business. We did the obligatory hand-shake and sat down to serious business. The CFO pulled out the spreadsheets and began asking me about some of the numbers. I leaned forward in my chair to get a closer look, the next thing I know, the chair is flipping forward on it's wheels and dumps me onto to the ground - yep right over the handlebars - BIG TIME! Sprawled-out on the board room floor. The CFO looks down at me states - "now that's something I have never seen before, maybe we should start with the disability insurance numbers." What do you like about KÜHL? I have been friends with Kevin Boyle for 30 years and have watched the growth of KÜHL over these past 30 years. Kevin's determination, ethic, vision, and passion is an incredible gift to business. What's one insight you'd like to share? I would like make individuals aware of their experience in how they navigate Medicine. Most cyclist will agree that health is our most important asset. However, when it comes to medicine we give up our entire agency to the system (we become zombie patients). We settle for stethoscopes, wooden sticks, and rubber mallets as diagnostic tools. Using a stethoscope as a diagnostic tool is like getting off your bike to shift gears! Have you ever wondered why pictures of doctors always have stethoscopes around their necks? We pay massive amounts of dollars in health premiums thinking this is our "health plan". That would be like saying the credit debt on your the bike you just bought is your "training plan". We see a bill to fix a broken bone is $50,000 and say "wow, that seems like a lot of money," but hey, I only paid a $25 co-pay. Uhhh, no, you and your company paid for that, you just can't connect the dots. Consider this, health insurance companies, healthcare organizations (like hospitals), and pharm companies exist to make money (and they make massive amounts of money). On the other hand, the federal government is broke so they don't want to spend money on your health care. What's the bottom-line. There is an incompatibility incentive between you and big pharma, big healthcare, big insurance, big food. However, there is a way out which is called Medical Intelligence. Don't wait until you have a symptom, don't get health care services based on what some massive corporation dictates to you, don't go to your doctor and be a zombie. Get Medical Intelligence: Your Life Depends on it! Song that makes you most stoked to ride? I'm always stoked to ride, but I love when the Jimi Hendrix kicks in. Favorite food and drink post epic ride? Protein and Carbs - errr Beer & Burgers? If your life was turned into a movie, what actor would play your role? Ferb Genie gives you three wishes and you have five minutes to decide all three. What are they? I'll let you know in four minutes. Best way to end a first date? Uhh...Is this question age dependent? Most visited website? Basecamp What's hot? / What's not? Raw Food / Blameless Society Would you rather fail or never try? "Do or Do Not. There is no try" ~Yoda. If you could spend a year doing something that you have never, ever done, what would it be? Following the ski seasons around the globe might be cool. Do you have any pets? Do you ride with them? I have two dogs and they do not ride with me. Worst injury sustained from biking and how did you recover? My worst cycling injury has been road rash. Scrub, polysporin, non-stick bandage - you know the drill. What the fastest speed you've ever gone on a bike? 50 something on a ride from Sun Valley Idaho to Joseph, Oregon.

KÜHL Editor
KÜHL Editor


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