KÜHL Bike Team Bio: Mark Fisher

By KÜHL Editor on June 28, 2023
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Mark Fisher is a member of the KÜHL CX Bike team who lives in Sandy, Utah.


How did you get into Cyclocross? Cyclocross racing is by far my favorite sport. There is an illness called cross fever and I have it. After watching my first cyclocross race in Utah I knew that it was going to be my sport. I bought a used bike and a book and started working on the techniques used specifically for cyclocross. Now, I do as many races a year as I can, including traveling across the country to bigger events. It's also an excellent spectator sport and is family friendly. My wife Lara is also hooked and that makes it so fun! Going to large events where you are racing with a hundred people is incredible (and sometimes a little scary). Someday, I hope to travel to Belgium and participate in some the greatest cyclocross races in the world. What's your most memorable adventure? Spending the summer in Canada with my wife, daughter and two dogs. We traveled from Tofino, British Columbia to Labrador. We lived in our van, had no itinerary, stopped when something looked interesting and continued on when we were ready. We rode our bikes in the Canadian Rockies, hiked in the tundra in Newfoundland, and swam in the oceans on both sides of North America and many lakes in between. We maintained a strict 5 o’clock cocktail hour for the 80 day trip. If you could adventure anywhere in the world for a week or two, where would you go? I would go to Belgium and ride in the citizen's version of the Tour of Flanders and to Northern France to ride in the Paris Roubaix. Who inspires you? My wife Lara. She is the hardest working, most determined and passionate person I know! What is your favorite piece of gear? My SuperX cross bike


What's your worst habit? Doing endless research on gear that I don’t need or can’t have. What song makes you most stoked to play hard? Novacane by Beck What’s your favorite food and drink after an adventure? Burger and a beer

Mark is ready for his post-race burger & beer!

What's the best way to end a first date? That was way too long ago to remember. What's hot/what's not? Gravel grinding/fat bikes Do you have any pets? Do you take them on your adventures? We have a chocolate lab named Augie.  Most of our trips are dog friendly so he can come along.  He is a great traveling companion. What's your worst injury sustained from adventuring and how did you recover? I’ve been pretty lucky in this department (knock on wood). I once dislocated a finger falling of my mountain bike. Paying the doctor’s bill hurt more than pulling my finger straight. What the fastest speed you’ve ever gone under your own power, assisted by gravity? 51 MPH down Little Cottonwood Canyon What’s your favorite thing about KÜHL? The quality of the clothes they make and how they fit. KÜHL is me. Also, the stickers! What’s your favorite piece of KÜHL clothing? How do you use it? Right now it’s my Outrydr shirt/jacket. I wear it everyday, all day. If your best friend already had your favorite piece of KÜHL gear, what would you recommend to him/ her that functions just as well playing outside as it does in the bar at the end of the day? If they don’t have KÜHL men's pants then that is the number priority. They are the best.

KÜHL Editor
KÜHL Editor


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