KÜHL Gives 1,080 Jackets to The Hope Alliance

By KÜHL Editor on July 06, 2023

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The Hope Alliance, based in Park City, Utah, received 1,080 men’s jackets from KÜHL to assist communities in development locally and internationally, including Peru, Guatemala, and Haiti.


Careful to make the distinction between development and relief, the Alliance spends its resources, donations, and volunteer service teaching the skills people need to help themselves and linking them to necessary resources. This sustainable approach addresses long term recovery issues such as health, education, and helping people find a means to make a living. Angela Wright, Executive Director of The Hope Alliance, said, "We are truly grateful for KÜHL’s donation on behalf of all the individuals [we support] and their families."


Valued at $97,200 worth of product, the KÜHL jackets will support the Alliance in its work in communities where minimally acceptable quality of life standards are not yet in place. Throughout the year KÜHL makes donations to organizations that share our values to defend human rights and preserve wilderness. We’re honored to support The Hope Alliance in 2016.

KÜHL Editor
KÜHL Editor


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