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Roomy, comfortable and warm, the KÜHL OUTRYDR blurs the lines between your favorite flannel and throw-on men's outdoor jacket. The snap front Outrydr features two snap chest pockets to secure your valuables and hand warmer pockets to keep your hands warm when the temperatures drop.

KÜHL Outrydr Product Review

I’m a huge fan of flannel/plaid long sleeve men's shirts (the Rift and Lookout are two of my all time favorites), and I love plush, comfy men's jackets. The Outrydr is the best of both worlds.

While the inside is lined with plush recycled polyester, the sleeves are lined with quilted nylon insulation. It's almost a throwback to the coveted, old school, military style, quilted nylon "smoking jacket" that the US Army used to issue. This gave me a sense of nostalgia while wearing it.

What I Love

Soft, Plush and Warm

The temperatures in the Pacific Northwest are just dipping to true fall levels, but I've still been able to test the Outrydr's performance. With temps in the mid to upper 50’s, I discovered that long, strenuous activities are not best for the Outrydr. This shirt, er, jacket is WARM! It will definitely be my low-level activity and chill-out-with-the-dogs-and-family-shirt…jacket. You get the idea.

Comfortable Like a Blanket

I've been looking at the forecast hoping for lower temps so I can wear the Outrydr more (maybe some of my hope has to do with ski season, but that’s besides the point). I've been carrying around the men's shirt hoping for chilly weather and chill-out moments so I can throw the it on and be wrapped in complete comfort and style. No doubt, the Outrydr is in my permanent quiver this fall and winter.

The Fit

Blurring the lines between a men's shirt and men's jacket, the Outrydr leaves plenty of room in the torso, shoulders and biceps for an extra layer (or two).


What I Didn't Love

The only thing I found a little strange was the fit of the forearm area. I went a size up from my normal jacket and shirt sizing (from L to XL) so I could layer and enjoy the extra room when relaxing fireside. For me, the shirt fits as it should in every area except the forearms. I'm not a big guy, but the forearms are only a shade away from snug. They are not restrictive; they're just not as roomy as the rest of the shirt.

Making the Grade

Perfect for layering and designed to keep you warm and comfortable, the updated KÜHL OUTRYDR is ideal for hitting the campsite or the coffee shop.

Made for cool days, this shirt has more than enough style, comfort, warmth and longevity to take it from the crisp, early days of fall to the coldest days of winter. Retailing at $120, this classic flannel features a twist you never knew you were waiting for!

I received KÜHL apparel for this review at no cost. I received no other compensation for this post, and all opinions are my own.

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