Work and Play in KÜHL Rebel Pant

By KÜHL Editor on June 19, 2023
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When Theo Rich isn't adventuring, he's working in the mountains around Idaho. In winter, he operates snow cats at Sun Valley ski resort; in summer, he's logging in the mountains and helping maintain bike trails.

KÜHL Rebel Pant Review

When I first received the KÜHL REBEL™ PANT, I thought they'd be great for hiking and other outdoor activities. Not only do they work perfectly for all my mountain adventures, but the men's pants has also replaced my Carhartt pants for work.

What I Love


I love all the options and space for my gear in the Rebel's multiple pockets. I carry a lot of gear with me every day, and the pockets make it easy to keep my knives, flashlight, and other gear with me all the time. The pockets on these pants are awesome.

KÜHL's 3D cell phone pocket keeps you organized

Fit and Fabric

The pants fit me perfectly, true to the advertised size. Right out of the box, they felt like a pair of well-worn men's jeans. KÜHL's Free Ryde Waist is lined with ultra suede for an extremely comfortable fit that forms to your waist easily.

KÜHL's Eurotwill fabric stretches to move and flex no matter what I'm doing. The fabric is very soft and comfortable, but it's also built to last. For additional strength and durability, the Rebel Pant is stitched with the same nylon thread used in climbing harnesses.

The Rebel Pant features Eurotwill with Stretch to move with you.

Italian Snap Closure

The snap button on the fly is a very smooth and secure way to button the pants. It's the best button system I've seen on any pants.

My Peeves

After getting very picky, the only thing I'd like to see improved is the right side leg pocket. It works very well for a cell phone or anything else of similar size, but I like to use lower leg pockets for a tactical flashlight with a clip. This pocket is well built, but the edge isn't thick enough to secure gear clipped to it. That's my only complaint about these pants, but that's being pretty picky.

Making the Grade

Overall, the KÜHL REBEL PANT exceeded my expectations for quality and versatility. Whether I'm playing in the mountains or working with abrasive materials or tools, the Rebel Pant is my top choice.

Retailing at $79, the durable REBEL PANT is a great investment for work and play.

KÜHL Editor
KÜHL Editor


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