Mountain Thoughts: Choose Your Own Adventure

Mountain Thoughts
May 16, 2016

Do you remember reading Choose Your Own Adventure books as kids? The ones where you’d get to the end of a passage and you got to choose what happened next, which path the characters took.

I loved those books. And not just because I could roam around in imaginary worlds and adventures, but because I got to choose which adventures opened up before me. And as kids, we don’t get many choices or when we do, it’s often between very limited choices.

This — this was different. There was a whole world of options open before me.

The start of a new season, especially spring and summer, feels like cracking open a brand new Choose Your Own Adventure book. Everything bustles with tantalizing possibilities. What adventure is in store? Where can I go explore? What do I get to choose to do?

After enduring a grey and gloomy winter (and believe me, there’s nothing magical about sooty city snow), I’m ready for a new adventure.

While I love living in New York City and exploring it, lately it feels like we fall back on the same parks, hikes and excursions, treading the same paths over and over. Somehow as I’ve gotten older, I once again face a narrower range of choices, choices that have been limited by my comfort zone as much as by adult responsibilities and jobs.

While we may have technically outgrown Choose Your Own Adventure books as adults, what if we could still approach life with that same sense of wonder and possibility? What if we could bring that sense of adventure back?

Life’s adventures don’t have to follow a straight line from point A to point B. You can jump around, skip a few chapters, go back a few pages and revisit your favorite passages. You are in control of your own adventure.

CY Hawaii

Right now, my adventure is leading me down the path towards the ocean and mountains to breathe the fresh air and to find my equilibrium.

Where would your adventure take you?

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