Move Easy in KÜHL MØVA Pants

Move Easy in KÜHL MØVA Pants

By Danielle on April 04, 2023

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You know how when you first start running, you throw on an old hiking t-shirt, a ratty pair of women's shorts, some cotton socks, and whatever sneakers you have laying around in your closet?

As time goes on, you start accumulating “real” running gear, complete with moisture-wicking fabric, reflective properties, and maybe even some properly fitted shoes. Soon, you wonder how you ever lived without that stuff and your skin blisters at the mere thought of running in normal socks.

This scenario exactly describes my life before and after testing out KÜHL’s MØVA trekking pants.

KÜHL MØVA Pant Review

I’m a casual hiker and avid traveler who recently moved to the Upstate region of South Carolina. When I became a KÜHL ambassador, I was most excited about their women's jackets and casual outerwear; the pants (which ironically are what made the brand famous in the first place) were an afterthought for me. I thought the women's hiking pants I had, which I had hiked the Inca Trail to Machu Picchu in two years earlier, were completely suitable for whatever hiking I might feel like doing.

As soon as I slipped the MØVA Straight Pant on, I knew I was wrong.

The long, lean lines of the pants looked chic, but the lightweight, breathable material was functional and allowed me to move freely.

I spent a week hiking on the Azores Islands (an archipelago off the coast of Portugal) and couldn’t believe how lightweight, comfortable and breathable they were. My roommates at the hostel marveled at these pants that looked like “real” pants but felt, stretched, and moved like women's leggings. I wore them everywhere, and as soon as I arrived home, I ordered a second pair – this time, the MØVA Skinny.

Danielle rocks the MØVA Straight Pant while hiking the Azores

I took the MØVA Skinny on a trip to California and had the bright idea to wear them on the plane to save room in my backpack. HELLO, new women's travel pants!

I couldn’t have been more comfortable on the 6-hour flight, and I went straight from the plane to lunch with my friends without a second thought – something I wouldn’t have felt comfortable doing in leggings.

Those same pants took me on a monster hike two days later and kept me cool and dry despite the beating sun.


The following weekend, it was off to London. Once again, the MØVA Skinny Pant was my go-to choice for the overnight flight. I popped off the plane the next morning, jumped on the Tube, and headed straight downtown for a full day of sightseeing in complete comfort and style.

From Heathrow to Big Ben, the MØVA Skinny kept Danielle moving in style

Yes, the MØVA Pants look good and feel good, but I think their best quality is that inspire me to move more.

I took my “old” hiking pants out for a quick trek a few weeks ago when all my KÜHL gear was dirty, and I could tell a huge difference! The material was scratchy, not breathable and my sweat was clearly visible. Not KÜHL, that’s for sure!

I couldn’t wait to put my MØVA pants on when I got back home. I actually look for reasons to wear them now, whether it’s an actual hike, walking around a city on one of my trips, or a casual bike ride in the spring weather.

They’re perfect for everything, and knowing how comfortable I’ll be when I wear them makes me want to get out and live the #MountainCulture (and #CityCulture, and #SuburbCulture!) even more.



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