KÜHL’s Responsible Sourcing and Production

@ KÜHL News By Kühl Editor

KÜHL has always believed in being grateful, remaining humble, and staying hungry. We’re an independent brand without stockholders or investors. We prize our independence because it gives us the freedom to make decisions based on quality and craftsmanship rather than our stock price.

We like to support artisans that are passionate about what they make. Whether its wool from New Zealand, or fleece from Italy, we work with mills and suppliers that can deliver high quality, while minimizing environmental and social impact. 

Our expertise is in design, craftsmanship and ensuring quality. Like most companies, we rely on innovative partners to make our products. Their facilities are found around the globe. We work directly with our partners to ensure their employees work in safe facilities that follow fair labor practices and earn a living wage.

Our dealers know that we are committed to being good to the planet and those on it. They require us to follow a set of corporate and environmental responsibilities. But we feel we need to go above and beyond. We are always striving to source responsibly, provide a higher quality of living for all involved, and make the best product with the least amount of environmental impact.

KUHL uses responsible Sourcing and Production
Kühl Editor