RV Lake Camping in California: Six Best Spots For Splashing Around

By Emily Leikam on February 09, 2024
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When traveling in an RV, you’re always looking for those perfect scenic spots to call home for a period of time. Ideally, those spots include a gorgeous lake so you can enjoy your favorite activities on the water. Whether it’s fishing, kayaking, paddle boarding, or swimming, a lake provides a terrific opportunity to be close to nature. 

You might think about vast ocean views when camping in California, but some of the best RV campsites by lakes can be found in the Golden State. Many of California’s lakes offer crystal clear water, fantastic fishing, and surrounding wilderness that’s second to none. 

Finding the perfect lake spot for your home on wheels can be tricky, so here's a list of six of the best lakeside campgrounds in California where you can park your RV and soak up the sights. 

Bass Lake at Yosemite - Bass Lake, CA

With awe-inspiring Yosemite National Park on its doorstep, Bass Lake RV Resort sits in the foothills of the western slopes of California’s High Sierra mountains. This is definitely one of the best places for RVer’s to enjoy water sports. Anglers, boaters, and water skiers can bring their own boat or rent one at the marina. Bass Lake not only offers up its namesake but is also stocked full of catfish, crappie, rainbow trout, and kokanee salmon.

Bass Lake at Yosemite sits in the perfect location to enjoy activities year-round. At 3,500 feet, you won’t feel the heat from the Central Valley, but the resort sits low enough so snowfall from the higher mountains won’t impact your fun. Don’t forget, one of the best parts of RV camping at Bass Lake is that the south entrance of Yosemite National Park is just 12 miles away.

body of water next to brown shore
Bass Lake, California by Dion Hinchcliffe.

Amenities Offered at Bass Lake

Chris Haven Mobile Home and RV - South Lake Tahoe, CA

Lake Tahoe is one of the most sought-after areas in California. It comes as no surprise as the lake boasts a brilliant clear blue tint and is surrounded by a vast wilderness to explore. 

Chris Haven Mobile Home and RV is located only three miles from the southern end of Lake Tahoe. It includes 108 paved sites with full hook-up and a variety of amenities, like WiFi and cable TV. This South Lake Tahoe RV park is incredibly convenient and close to Tahoe shopping, golf courses, ski areas, and airport. The best part is the resort is pet-friendly! If you want to learn more, take a look at our guide on Lake Tahoe camping.

lake shore during daytime
South Lake Tahoe, CA. Photo by Meritt Thomas.

Lake Siskiyou Camp Resort - Siskiyou County, CA

Lake Siskiyou is a must-visit for everyone. Surrounded by Ponderosa Pines with a breathtaking view of Mt. Shasta, you may never want to leave this magical area of Northern California. Located right on the lake, Lake Siskiyou Camp Resort is one of the most beautiful RV campsites. This lakeside RV resort offers plenty of sites with the choice of either full hookup or hookup with just electricity and water. 

Activities Offered at Lake Siskiyou Camp Resort

  • Fishing boat rentals
  • Kayak or SUP rentals
  • Waterpark on the lake 
brown long coated dog on green grass field near lake
Pets are also welcomed at Lake Siskiyou - make sure to check out their pet policy. Photo by Josh Levey.

Other than the lake, this area of California offers plenty of opportunities to enjoy outdoor activities. With plenty of hiking trails, off-road biking trails, and popular natural attractions like waterfalls and Mt. Shasta to check out, you're bound to have a wonderful time in and around Lake Siskiyou.

June Lake RV Park - June Lake, CA

Sitting in Inyo National Forest in the Eastern Sierras is a quaint town known as June Lake and the beautifully scenic June Lake RV Park. The RV park offers complete hook-ups with sewer, water, electricity, and cable TV. It also provides laundry rooms and a fish cleaning station. 

Surrounded by gorgeous green hills, tall pine trees, and flowing streams, RV camping at June Lake is a great way to just kick back and relax. If you're a fan of fishing, this location is world-famous for its trout fishing. The June Lake Marina makes things easy with rentals for fishing boats, pontoons, and paddleboards. 

The surrounding area is full of hiking trails that give you a chance to explore all the other lakes and streams nearby. June Lake is also close to Yosemite National Park.

water surrounded by trees and mountains
June Lake Loop, June Lake, CA. Photo by Peter Thomas.

Pinewood Cove Resort - Trinity Center, CA

Pinewood Cove Resort is located within Shasta Trinity National Forest, encompassed by fragrant pine, cedar, and oak trees and sitting on the shore of Trinity Lake. This RV camping resort offers 45 full hook-up sites and plenty of amenities. With Trinity Lake right outside of your back door, you’ll have all the time in the world to enjoy the spectacular scenery. This location also provides a full-service marina with boat and kayak rentals.

snowy mountain reflecting in body of water surrounded by trees
Trinity Lake at Shasta-Trinity National Forest. Photo by Pacific Southwest Forest Service, USDA.

North Shore Campground - Chester, CA

The North Shore Campground sits directly on the breathtaking Lake Almanor in Northeastern California and offers over 70 different sites that provide full hookups. This facility also includes:

  • A general store
  • Modern bathrooms
  • Boat ramps 
  • Children’s playground 

Lake Almanor is an amazing place to take your boat, kayak, or paddleboard and enjoy the tranquil setting. Enjoy a round of golf at the nearby golf courses; hit the trails with your mountain bike; or, if you have the opportunity, visit the jaw-dropping Lassen Volcanic National Park

two blue boats near the body of water
Clouds over Lake Almanor by Don DeBold.

Things to Consider When RV Lake Camping

When traveling in an RV to any campsite, there are always some general things you need to remember. But when you are RV camping near or on a lake, there are some more specific things you may need to take into consideration. Some of these include:


Most of the sites listed, as well as many RV campgrounds, require a reservation before you show up. Make sure to give your chosen location a call and reserve your spot. 

Fishing License

If you plan on fishing in any of the beautiful California lakes, you'll need a fishing license before you can cast your line. Children under the age of 16 do not need a license.

Boating and Swimming

You might think that lakeside RV camping allows you to boat and swim in the water. However, there are some campsites that restrict both boating and fishing on their lakes. So, if either or both are important to you, make sure that your chosen site allows the activities before you reserve your spot.

Safety Measures

RV camping near a lake requires extra precautions. Children should wear life jackets, as well as adults who are not competent swimmers. Sunscreen is also a must-have, as water reflects the sun’s rays stronger than on land. Don't forget to bring breathable, sun-protective clothing and a sun hat.

There are many beautiful locations to visit when traveling in your RV. Some of the most scenic are in the California wilderness on crystal blue lakes. When planning your next RV adventure, any of the sites above will provide you and your family with an abundance of activities, amazing scenery, and a place to call home for a while.

Emily Leikam
Emily Leikam

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