Mediterranean Cruise Off the Coast of Villefranche, France

Sail the Mediterranean With Your KÜHL Attire

By KÜHL Editor on June 02, 2024
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Packing for my spring Mediterranean cruise was a time-consuming process. I had to choose comfortable and versatile clothing that addressed fluctuating weather conditions—warm, chilly, and potentially rainy. My top picks included KÜHL clothing that could be worn onboard Celebrity Cruises newest ship, the Ascent, and while I was exploring the seven ports—Barcelona, Spain, Villefranche, France, Santa Margherita, Italy, La Spezia, Italy, Civitavecchia, Italy, and Naples, Italy.

Barcelona, Spain

Before boarding the ship, I spent one night in Barcelona. Had I not previously visited this city, best known for its incredible architecture and famous artists, I would have spent several days enjoying Barcelona’s history and culture. During the pandemic, Ira and I stayed in a centrally located hotel which was conveniently located to the city’s main attractions. As a solo traveler, I was content to cope with my jet lag by taking a long nap and then strolling on the adjacent streets. A long sleeved gray Bravada™ top paired with a black Freeflex™ Skort were a great choice for my afternoon walk. I didn’t need to change for my early dinner at the onsite hotel restaurant serving tapas.

Sandy Bornstein in Barcelona, Spain.

Villefranche (Nice), France

Whenever I can visit places dating back to medieval times, I jump at the opportunity. After stopping at a few scenic overlooks on the Middle Corniche coastal road, I took a tour of Eze. I followed the group as it maneuvered through the town’s pedestrian-only narrow streets. Busloads of tourists had converged on this popular destination at the same time, so the walkways were jammed with people.

Disappointingly, I was not able to follow the recommendation of the tour guide to take a stroll through The Exotic Garden of Eze. This top attraction is built on the site of a medieval fortress and offers incredible panoramic views of the French Riviera. The wait time was far too long for the allotted free time.

Instead, I admired the medieval architecture as I wandered in and out of the local shops as well as a handful of perfume stores. Since time was limited, I was unable to visit the nearby perfume factories. To accommodate my ability to easily walk up and down cobblestone stairs and walkways, I chose a pant that had flexibility. My Skulpt Skinny pants in charcoal and a light blue top were a wise selection.

Left: Mediterranean Cruise Off the Coast of Villefranche, France. Right: Exploring the Pedestrian Walkways in Eze, France.

Santa Margherita, Italy

After tendering off the ship, I traveled by bus to the town of Rapallo. I was eager to learn about the local cuisine. Guido was our host at ParlaComeMangi, a traditional Italian deli-store. He provided an entertaining step-by-step demonstration on how to make pesto with the following ingredients— basil leaves, garlic, cheese, pine nuts, and Ligurian extra-virgin olive oil. A few fellow passengers acted as his apprentices as wine flowed freely.

After tasting the freshly made pesto, along with a few other foods, we followed Guido with our wine glasses in handy blue pouches. Guido, along with a couple of his assistants, poured wine wherever the group stopped. We visited the mid-week outdoor market and tasted a few local favorites at nearby cafes. My favorite items were a fried chickpea square and a thinly fried anchovy street food.

Back at Guido’s store, we sampled a variety of olive oils, balsamic vinegars, and condiments. The finale was a scoop of gelato topped with strawberries and balsamic vinegar. Would you consider such a combination? Somehow the flavors complimented one another. Slightly warmer temperatures provided the chance to wear a short sleeve top with my heather gray skort for this engaging food tour.

Left: Food Demo and Tasting in Rapallo with Guido. Right: Gelato tasting during a Rapallo, Italy Food Demonstration and Tour.
Celebrity Ascent off the Coast of Santa Margherita, Italy.

La Spezia, Italy

Since I had previously explored some of the main attractions in Florence and Pisa, I opted for the Tuscan Farmhouse Experience shore excursion which was located at the Vialto Farm. Due to overcast skies and periodic downpours, it was not possible to appreciate the scenery during the long bus ride into the countryside.

After getting off the bus, I tried to avoid the huge puddles that impeded the path leading to the awaiting horse drawn carriage. Even though it was a bit chilly, we dined outside in a tent. The simple meal with a wine pairing was followed by an inside presentation of Tuscany organic wines, liqueurs, and condiments. Most of the guests chose to purchase a taste of Tuscany.

On a chilly and rainy day when you may be dining outside, it is best to dress in layers. I wore a blue Lola™ Henley, a gray zippered hoody, along with a waterproof rain jacket and KÜHL blue jeans.

Left: Horse drawn carriage at the Vialot Farm, a Tuscan Farmhouse Experience. Right: Sandy Bornstein at the Vialto Farm.

Civitavecchia, Italy

While most of the ship’s passengers headed to Rome, I went in the opposite direction to Civita di Bagnoregio, an amazing destination built by the Etruscans on a hill overlooking the Tiber River Valley. As a Coloradoan who loves to hike, I had no difficulty walking up and down the steep incline and stone stairs. With temperatures in the low 60s, I opted to wear my veridian Lola Henley along with a pair of Rydr™ Pants.

While only a few inhabitants remain in this ancient village, it is worth a visit. This destination is often referred to as the “dying town”. I checked out the boutique stores, the cafes, the church, and strolled to the scenic overlooks. There was no shortage of photo opportunities.

Naples, Italy

I decided to do a walking tour instead of returning to the top attractions that I had already seen— Mt. Vesuvius, Herculaneum, Pompeii, the Amalfi Coast, and Capri. I simply followed the guide from the port area into the historic section of Naples. I went past many historic buildings and eventually reached the first stop, the Bourbon Gallery.

To start the tour, it is necessary to walk down 90 steps where our guide described the history of the ancient aqueducts that were originally located at the bottom of the staircase. During the 19th century, additional work was done to create tunnels for an underground escape route for the monarchs. These tunnels were later used by locals as a refuge during the World War II bombings of the city. The facility’s tour guide described the significance of the artifacts that were left behind as well as the rusted vehicles that had been impounded after the war and later abandoned.

After completing the tour, I stepped outside at street level. I warmed up while strolling along the sunny coastline. The tour ended at a Neapolitan pizzeria where our group devoured this local favorite. Even though it was warm outside, the tunnels were cool and damp. A lightweight gray Henley and a pair of charcoal gray Skulpt Skinny pants were a good fit for these contrasting environments.

Left: Sandy Bornstein walking along the shoreline in Naples, Italy. Right: Inside the Bourbon Gallery.


On a cold and rainy spring day, I was happy that I brought along my innovator flannel long sleeve shirt in a birch color and black vantage pants. The brisk wind did not penetrate this cozy top when I stepped onto the deck to get a view of the shoreline.

Nightly attire tends to be casual aboard Celebrity cruise ships. A basic black and white combination was my go-to outfit for casual dinners and drinks. KÜHL’s Brynn™ Cardigan Sweater in stone matches well with a pair of comfortable black Vantage™ Pants.

On the last sea day, I was invited to the bridge where I could see the inner workings of the ship. After the officer and captain’s presentation, I had a photo opportunity with the captain. For this special occasion, I wore a short sleeved blue top and my gray skort.

Even though KÜHL is a brand often associated with outdoor adventures, I always bring a sampling of my KÜHL attire whenever I am traveling. Cruise ships with diverse destinations offer a multitude of opportunities to show off my KÜHL clothing.

All photos curtesy of Sandy Bornstein.

KÜHL Editor
KÜHL Editor


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