Scrambling in Style: Travl Bermuda Review

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As an active, outdoorsy mom, I’m constantly seeking the perfect threads to take me from routine errands to intense outdoor adventures.

For three of the four seasons, this often means an epic and often disappointing search for shorts.

I’ve reached the age when booty shorts are no longer appropriate. I’m not sure they’re ever really appropriate, but that’s a rant for another day!

No matter how fit and fabulous you are, no one wants to see your cheeks hanging out, especially while chasing a toddler around the playground.

At the same time, I’m not ready to resign myself to the horrible, shapeless mom shorts that add 10 pounds and 10 years the second you slip them on. No thank you!

So I was thrilled when Kühl sent me the Travl Bermuda Shorts to review.

KÜHL Travl Bermuda Review

I wore the women’s shorts non-stop this summer. Not only were they stylish and comfortable, but they were appropriate for every activity under the sun.TravlBermuda_Sm

With a 10-inch inseam, the Travl Bermudas hit just above the knee, making them ideal mommy length. Plus, the 4-way stretch and side vent allow freedom of movement, perfect for any reach, lunge, or pose required.

What I wasn’t expecting was how much I’d love the Travl Bermudas on the trails.

On our recent family trip to Maine, I wore the quick dry shorts on three hikes, including an intense hike up and down Mount Katahdin in Baxter State Park (full trail report next week!).

The quick dry fabric wicked away moisture and kept me comfy throughout the day, even as I was huffing and puffing my way to the highest point in Maine.

The longer length was perfect for scrambling up the boulders on the Hunt Trail and navigating the tricky descent down the Abol Slide. As my butt hit the rocks more times than I care to admit, I was glad my toosh & upper legs were covered by the Tufflex soft shell fabric!


And the shorts were perfect for our family hike up the Beehive Trail in Acadia National Park.

What I Love

Soft, Stretchy Fabric

Constructed of Tufflex, the durable, stretch fabric is soft, lightweight, and, for anyone who doesn’t know how to operate an iron (or just doesn’t care to), wrinkle resistant!

UPF Protection

With a UPF (Ultraviolet Protection Factor) rating of 50, the fabric blocks 98% of UV radiation, keeping your cheeks covered in more ways than one!

Stylish Contrast Seams

I love the contrast thread color on the seams. It’s a nice touch that makes these shorts stand out. I also love the heart-shaped mountain patch on the upper hip. Adorable!

Easy Wash & Wear

I always air dry my performance gear. Featuring quick-dry fabric, these shorts dry in no time! Did I mention wrinkle resistant? Always a win in my book!

What I Didn’t Love

Maybe I’m just spoiled by the buttonless, three-tiered waistband on my Kühl Aktiv Pants, but I didn’t love the waistband on the Travl Bermuda.

I tested the size 2 shorts, and sizing wasn’t the problem. The shorts fit well, they just didn’t lay flat.

While the fabric is incredibly soft and comfy, it’s also quite thin. Perfect for staying cool during summer adventures, but not so great when it comes to panty lines. But a panty violation is far better than a full-blown cheek reveal, at least in my book!

Finally, the shorts are fitted and hug your leg snuggly. I love the slim fit, but some people may prefer a looser fit for hiking. Additionally, the slim fit makes it hard to take advantage of the roomy pockets, unless you don’t mind major pocket bulge.

Making the Grade

The Travl Bermuda Shorts are a great option for casual and outdoor wear and earn a B+.

Retailing at $65, they’re a solid investment for performance apparel. Now that the new fall styles are coming out, look for a sweet deal at your local retailer during end-of-summer sales.

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