Sharing the Skydiving Experience with KÜHL Friends

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Mike Semanoff is a professional skydiver/paraglider, publicist, editor, veteran, husband and father of three. As a KÜHL ambassador, he shares his passion for adventure and living the mountain life. If you’re in the Salt Lake area and interested in skydiving, be sure to look Mike up for the experience of a lifetime.

Sharing what I love with other people is one of the things I enjoy most. After skydiving and paragliding for over 20 years, I find it more fulfilling to share the experience with others versus going solo.

On a recent weekend at Skydive Utah, where I work as a tandem skydive instructor, I noticed a whole family wearing KÜHL clothing. I thought they must be really awesome people to be such huge fans of KÜHL, so I introduced myself and struck up a conversation. Turns out I was chatting with KÜHL employee Yukie Melville and her family.

I couldn’t have a fellow KÜHL kid make a jump with someone else! I had the load organizer re-arrange things so I could personally take my new friend. A couple strokes on the keyboard later, and I was all set to take Yukie for the jump of her lifetime. After a couple photos in with our matching Spyfire Jackets, we were off to gear up, practice a few exits, and head to the plane for a one-way flight into the big blue skies.

Yukie and Mike practice exits before jump. Yukie pictured in Women’s Spyfire Jacket.

On our plane ride up to 14,000 feet, Yukie shared something really cool about KÜHL’s warranty policy. I love my Spyfire Jacket more anything else, especially on a chilly day. On a recent outing I ripped a little hole in the back. I was super bummed and afraid to wear the jacket in fear I would make it worse. Yukie told me that KÜHL will fix it for free and that it usually only takes about a week. I was already stoked about jumping with my new friend, but my level of stoke reached a new level when I found out my favorite men’s skydiving jacket would be good as new in no time!

As we gear up and head to the plane, I always tell my students if they forget everything I taught them to be sure to smile because the parachute always works better if they do. Yukie must have had a huge smile on her face because the entire skydive was perfect: great exit from the plane, beautiful view of the Great Salt Lake in free fall, and a butter smooth parachute opening. The only thing that makes a jump like that better is being greeted by friends and family after you land for a post jump photo op.

Thanks for the awesome jump, Yukie. Let’s do it again soon!


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