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By Danielle Cemprola on September 25, 2023
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I hit a weird turning point in my life the other week, and I don’t think I ever want to go back to where I was before. See, a few weeks ago, I found myself standing in my closet, lamenting the fact that I had nothing to wear out for some drinks al fresco. I live in South Carolina and summer here is, in a word, hell. It’s hot, it’s humid, and currently, it hasn’t rained a drop in what feels like a month.

With temperatures in the upper 90s even into the evening hours on some nights, it felt like everything I had to wear in my closet was too hot, would show too much sweat, or was way too casual (think mesh running tops).

Then my eyes grazed over my SORA TANK from KÜHL, hanging benignly in my closet, and I thought – that’s it.

Sora Tank Product Review

In a different phase of my life (ok, six months ago), I would never have considered wearing “outdoor women's gear” downtown. Yes, in previous reviews I’ve talked about wearing my MØVA SKINNY Pant while traveling and sightseeing, but travel is a different animal, especially when you are trying to pack light.

It had really never occurred to me to make the conscious choice, when I have so many outfits at my disposal at home, to choose to wear something that is made to wear while hiking in summer.


Well, it turns out that I was just looking at it wrong.

I’ll go ahead and state the obvious – the Sora Tank is perfect for hiking and being active outdoors in the summer. The moisture-wicking slub fabric is lightweight and breathable, and the tank is cut to allow you to move freely. These are the hallmarks of active wear, so it makes sense that these elements would be included.

But where KÜHL really nailed it is with the design elements that make this top something any woman would want to wear in “real life.” The elegant twist in the racerback shows off a playful pop of complimentary color, while the v-neck is universally flattering without being too revealing. The tank is also cut to offer a relaxed fit, but with careful lines that show off the curves of a woman’s body.

Once it occurred to me that this tank was something I could wear out, it became something I wanted to wear out.

So I ordered another one.

If you’ve read my last few gear reviews, you’ll notice the same theme runs through all of them: I’m constantly surprised to try yet another piece of gear that I don’t just want to wear when I’m hiking.


I’ve found multiple uses for every KÜHL item that I own, which is part of what makes this company so special and the apparel such a worthwhile investment. This isn’t just about moisture-wicking women's outdoor t-shirts and women's technical pants, it’s real clothing that you can wear in your real life – every phase of it.

More importantly, it’s clothing that you’ll want to wear in real life.

Now if you’ll excuse me, I need to do some laundry. It’s 98 degrees in South Carolina today and I have a happy hour date with my husband - and both of my Sora Tanks are dirty from last weekend’s hikes.

Danielle Cemprola
Danielle Cemprola

Danielle Cemprola is a freelance writer, marathoner x 52  and world traveler. Danielle and her husband, AJ, love to hike, travel, and eat their way across the planet. She's a self-described carry-on enthusiast who loves challenging herself to pack for any trip, no matter the length or destination, in a carry-on bag. When Danielle's not flying the friendly skies, you're likely to find her working at her day job as an environmental scientist - hey, someone needs to pay for all those plane tickets!


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