The KÜHL Kopenhagen Insulated Shell: Your New Favorite Ski Jacket

By Danielle Cemprola on December 05, 2023
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I consider myself an avid skier and an equally avid skiing clothes horse. Since becoming a KÜHL ambassador in 2016, the one item of clothing that I always felt was missing from the product line was an insulated jacket meant for skiing (i.e., waterproof, warm, and breathable). My prayers were finally answered with the introduction of the KOPENHAGEN Insulated Shell, which has quickly become
my go-to jacket for powder days.

Warmth Without Weight

If you ski, you know how important it is to have a jacket that keeps you warm without adding extra weight or bulk. One of the things I love most about the KOPENHAGEN Insulated Shell is its lightweight MIKROTEX lining designed specifically to remove bulk while keeping you warm. The jacket also features thermal body mapping design, which ensures that your body has warmth where you need it. KÜHL even reduced the thickness of the insulation along the under sleeves and sides of the body, meaning your movement is never restricted.

KÜHL KOPENHAGEN Insulated Shell in action

Waterproof Whatever the Weather

The KOPENHAGEN Insulated Shell features waterproofing technology to keep you dry no matter the weather. The AIRSKAPE water repellent coating keeps the outside of your jacket dry, while waterproof body fabric repels water even if snow manages to make it into your jacket (hey, falls happen). Whether dealing with rain, sleet, or powder on the mountain, the KOPENHAGEN Insulated Shell is up to the task. Recently, I wore the jacket skiing in freezing fog and sleet. My goggles iced over in a matter of minutes, but my body stayed dry during the entire day. You can see the ice buildup on my jacket below.

Even in icy conditions, the KOPENHAGEN Insulated Shell performs

KÜHL also thoughtfully designed the KOPENHAGEN Insulated Shell to be water resistant in areas where other jackets fail, such as the zipper and hood. The rib knit interior collar keeps your neck warm and repels water even if the hood is down, while the water-resistant zipper blocks water from entering the jacket.

Durable During Duress

No matter how good of a skier you are, falls happen. While hopefully you avoid serious injury even if you crash, your gear may not always be so lucky. The KOPENHAGEN Insulated Shell is designed with the realities of skiing in mind; namely, ski jackets should be constructed from durable fabric that won’t rip even if you snag it on a branch or stump during a fall or run. The KOPENHAGEN Insulated Shell features durable ripstop construction to ensure your jacket survives any falls none the worse for the wear.

Danielle in KOPENHAGEN Insulated Shell

I love the KOPENHAGEN Insulated Shell because it is warm without being bulky, has a flattering cut and design, and is just plain durable. Despite owning a closet full of ski jackets, I find myself reaching for this one most days that I head to the mountain. Depending on the temperature and cloud cover, I typically pair the KOPENHAGEN Insulated Shell with the following layers:

Warm or Sunny Weather

Cool Weather

Cold Weather

Danielle Cemprola
Danielle Cemprola

Danielle Cemprola is a freelance writer, marathoner x 52  and world traveler. Danielle and her husband, AJ, love to hike, travel, and eat their way across the planet. She's a self-described carry-on enthusiast who loves challenging herself to pack for any trip, no matter the length or destination, in a carry-on bag. When Danielle's not flying the friendly skies, you're likely to find her working at her day job as an environmental scientist - hey, someone needs to pay for all those plane tickets!


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