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The Power of Wax

By Emily Leikam on October 18, 2023
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Whether an outdoor enthusiast or city commuter, experience a whole new level of comfort with the natural performance of waxed apparel. This timeless technology sheds wind and water with ease, increases overall durability, and echoes every experience from the first wear to the last.

Here at KÜHL, we believe in creating products that are built to last. We pride ourselves on offering a variety of waxed styles, ideal for each level of adventure. Our custom waxed finish offers increased protection from the elements and an enhanced appearance that’s as unique as you are.


In the early 1800’s, this piece of clothing was brought to life out of equal parts ingenuity and necessity. The idea came from early seafarers who used fish oil to protect their sails. Over time this concept was perfected into using a mixture of linseed oil and wax to create a waterproof coating that would protect the sailors from the harsh elements of life at sea.  The wax not only made them water resistant, it also improved their durability.

This concept quickly became popular among sailors, fishermen and explorers. In the early 1900s, the British began mass-producing waxed jackets and they became increasingly popular among farmers, hunters and motorcyclists. Today, waxed articles are worn by people of all ages and professions for both practicality and style. 


Although modern technology has created alternatives to this timeless wax finish, they have yet to preserve its nostalgic nature. The stylish yet weathered appearance reflects stories of adventure for generations to come. One of the best benefits is its authentic character, which continues to improve with time. The blend of fibers and wax coating creates a vintage appearance that is as unique to you. Every movement you make while wearing this tough, timeless fabric will soften, crease and create a look that feels like home to how you move through the world.


Water Resistance

One of the many benefits of wax is that it helps to keep you dry in variable weather conditions. The wax coating creates a barrier against the elements, which can be beneficial if you are caught in unpredicted rain or snow. 

Wind Resistance

The weave of the fabric combined with the wax provides excellent protection from wind, helping to keep you warm and cozy on those damp days.  An excellent choice for travelers who wander into unknown weather conditions yet still want that casual style.

Durable and Low Maintenance

Compared to modern alternatives that provide lightweight waterproof-breathability, the wax coating creates a barrier that protects the fabric from wear and tear.  If properly taken care of, your waxed jacket can last for many years.


  • Hang your jacket on a sturdy coat hanger.
  • When you’re not wearing it, store your jacket in a cool, dry place.
  • Never wash your jacket. Instead, brush the jacket with a soft, dry cloth after each wear to remove any dirt or debris.
  • If your jacket gets wet, hang it up to dry as soon as possible.
  • When needed, reapply a thin layer of wax to the jacket to help protect it from the elements.


If you fall in love with your jacket the way we expect, your trusty, tried-and-true waxed favorite will need to be rewaxed from time to time to keep it looking and performing its best. It not only keeps your jacket water and wind resistant, but it helps enhance the unique appearance these pieces are known for.

Step 1: Testing Your Jacket

  • Spray water on your jacket and wait a few minutes.
  • If you see beads of water or the water has rolled off the jacket, you don’t need to re-wax.
  • If the water has soaked into the jacket, it needs to be re-waxed.
  • Before rewaxing completely, try using a hairdryer to soften the wax on your jacket. Rub out scratches and smooth over spots lacking coverage.

Step 2: Prepping Your Jacket 

  • Using cold water, lightly rinse off your jacket.
  • Take a stiff brush and remove any dirt and debris.
  • If needed, clean stubborn areas with mild soap.
  • Air dry your jacket before continuing.

Step 3: Waxing Your Jacket

Keep your jacket water repellant with KÜHL® Waterproof Wax made from an exclusive 100% natural blend of beeswax and plant based ingredients, so your clothes stay as natural as you. 

  • Test on a small, inconspicuous area before using.
  • Rub the block of KÜHL Wax onto the clean, dry garment in a thin, even layer using long strokes.
  • After you’ve applied the wax, use your hands/fingers to rub it evenly across the fabric and spread it out.
  • Melt the wax into the fabric using an iron set to low/medium heat (no steam); you can also use a hair dryer.
  • Repeat the process if necessary.


Emily Leikam
Emily Leikam

Emily is an avid traveler and has been all around the world from Alaska and Iceland to Peru and Bali. Her home base is Nashville, TN and when not traveling you can find her hiking, practicing yoga or cooking/baking!


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