Travel Checklist: Packing the Essentials

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Whether you're taking a weekend to explore a new national park or embarking on a flight to a country you've never visited before, there's nothing more freeing than finding yourself breathing new air in an unfamiliar place. Travel is the perfect way to experience new cultures, see new sites, taste new food, and, above all else, get some much-needed perspective on your own life. From the crowded markets of Marrakech to the floating villages of Cambodia, there's nothing like travel to take you out of your comfort zone and remind you that there's an enormous world out there waiting for you to explore it.

Although it's tempting to throw caution to the wind and take off on a whim, following a few easy steps — and sticking to a simple but thoughtfully crafted travel checklist — can maximize your time on the road (or off the beaten path). Sticking to versatile basics that work equally well in warm and cool weather can help you go globetrotting in comfort without needing to stop to add or remove bulky layers throughout the day. And bringing a few weatherproof favorites, like a stylish KÜHL rain jacket, can ensure that an afternoon shower doesn't ruin your trip.

Travel Checklist

Traveling is all about getting out of your comfort zone, remaining flexible and adaptable, and being prepared for anything. Make sure that your clothes, accessories, and gear can handle everything your trip throws at them. Read our travel checklist and learn all about everything you should pack to make your next trip go smoothly.

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Travel Essentials:

Travel itinerary
Travel tickets (bus, train, boat)
Maps and directions
Language guide
Boarding pass
Travel insurance
Health insurance
Emergency contact
Allergy list
Foreign currency
Emergency money
Credit card, debit card
Travel pillow
Luggage locks
Luggage tags
Optional: Sleeping mask
Optional: Earplugs
Optional: Money belt
Optional: Student card
Optional: Visa
Optional: Copies of passport and tickets
Optional: Driver's license

Tech For Travel:

Cellphone Charger
Camera SD card
Camera battery charger
Laptop charger
E-book reader
Travel adapter and converter
Optional: Travel iron
Optional: Flashlight

Travel Health And Hygiene:

Dental floss
Wet wipes
Antibacterial wipes
Shower gel
Hand sanitizers
Shaving products
Hair comb
Feminine hygiene products
Makeup remover
Skincare products
Pain reliever
Diarrhea medication
Birth control, condoms
Optional: First aid kit
Optional: Contact solution
Optional: Face lotion
Optional: Moisturizer
Optional: Insect repellent
Optional: Vitamins
Optional: Antibacterial soap
Optional: Towels
Optional: Finger- and toe-nail clippers

Note: Don't pack tweezers, razors, or nail clippers in carry-on luggage!

Travel Clothing:

Business suit
Comfortable travel short and long sleeve shirts
Polo shirts
Comfortable, stretchy travel pants
Everyday jeans
Fleece sweater
Travel shorts
Dresses and skirts
Casual jacket, coat or raincoat
Beach or pool towel
Favorite sunglasses
Optional: Scarves, hats, gloves
Optional: Belts and ties
Optional: Dress shoes
Optional: Extra pair of shoes
Optional: Leisure shoes
Optional: Laundry kit and bag

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