Dress the Part: Women's Airkraft & Kontra Short Product Review

By vitatrain4life on June 19, 2023
2 min read

We all know women who wear yoga pants but have never even thought about doing a downward dog. In fact, “yoga pants” has entered our vernacular and refers to almost any pair of women's pants, made from a cotton or polyester blend fabric, that a woman wears when doing anything and everything but going to yoga class.

Another phenomenon in this same genre has crept into the world where fashion meets athleticism - - a line of clothing called athleisure. Athleisure, as the word hints, is the marriage of athletic and leisure wear.

It's mostly worn by those doing the latter.

When I received my latest test gear from KÜHL, both non-yoga-practicing women wearing the yoga uniform and socialites in their athleisure wear immediately came to mind.

I had panic stricken thoughts of how absolutely fraudulent I would feel in the Airkraft Shirt and Kontra Short because they look exactly like something a badass female hiker would wear when she’s not hiking.

I do not hike.

I cycle, swim and run for hours on end but I haven’t a clue what all these women do out on the trails, using terms like switchback, trail head and cairn.

Clearly the wearer of the outfit laying before me would certainly know all those terms, own and know how to set up a tent, and identify bear scat and be able to outsmart one in the woods.

I can not do any of those things.

Nevertheless, I summoned my inner yoga pant, athleisure wearing self, and tried them both on.

KÜHL Women's Airkraft Shirt Product Review

The Airkraft Shirt is so light and soft. It felt like a dress shirt you could sweat in and no one would notice!

Not only is it made of quick dry, moisture wicking fabric, but it’s also UPF 30. That's not even the best part. There’s a custom, built-in sunglass cleaner chamois patch sewn into the bottom left of the shirt! I cannot tell you how handy this comes in, not only for me but with the kids.


I started thinking about an upcoming trip to Italy we have planned and how well this women's shirt will travel and how useful it will be during many days of walking and non-stop touring. It’s the perfect weight to throw over a casual t-shirt, and it has yet to wrinkle despite being shoved into an oversized purse when running errands.

KÜHL Women's Kontra Short Product Review

Since I was already faking my hiker look by wearing the shirt around town, I decided to give the Kontra Shorts a try.

They look more like women's cargo shorts and are specially designed for hot and humid conditions. Since it hasn’t truly been hot yet in the northeast, I can't attest to their breathability but I can tell you how absolutely comfortable they are!

They fit perfectly (and have an inner drawstring in case they don’t!), and go from knee length to capri in a quick unroll of the pant leg. As someone who is usually cold, they are perfect for the spring transition!

So, yes, I boldly wear my KÜHL hiker leisure wear and just pray that no one asks me where the nearest trail head is!

I received KÜHL apparel for this review at no cost. I received no other compensation for this post, and all opinions are my own.



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