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By francescaconte on June 28, 2023
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What are the basics? -I'm Francesca Conte, 42. I was born in Merano, Italy in the Alps. I currently live in Virginia and Colorado. I love mysteries novels and movies. One of my favorite current ones is the first True Detective. Most memorable adventure? -I try to make every day of my life a most memorable adventure. With that said, every day spent running alone in the big mountains is a memorable adventure in my book. If you could adventure anywhere in the world for a week or two, where would you go? -Norway in the summer and New Zealand in the winter. New Zealand because there are no predators, and Norway because it's literarily and figuratively at the end of the World.

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Who inspires you? -Anyone pushing the limits for themselves and not for the glory Worst habit? -I get stressed out about living life to the fullest and it almost becomes impossible to relax. Favorite gear innovation you have seen? Favorite piece of gear? Biggest peeve about gear? -The Salomon running pack is a critical piece of equipment for me and it fits like a glove. Like I said, nordic walking sticks. What law(s) have you broken that resulted in a good story? What's the story? -I trespassed in Colorado once on a private trail and ended up running into an ultrarunner fried of mine from Virginia, in the middle of nowhere. Song that makes you most stoked to play hard? -"I lived" by One Republic Favorite food and drink post epic adventure? -San Pellegrino water and aranciata, Coca Cola. I eat anything that my body is craving at that time, but it's normally fish and vegetables or mexican. Fettuccine with meat sauce and good pizza (not that fast food pizza aberration) would also make the top 10 list.

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If your life was turned into a movie, what actor would play your role? -Woody Allen, just because saying Charlize Theron is too self serving Genie gives you three wishes and you have five minutes to decide all three. What are they? -I like my life exactly the way it is now, but a private jet to go anywhere I want to would be nice. Best way to end a first date? -It was really nice to meet you, but I need to check in with my parole officer What's hot?/ What's not? -Kindness and respect / Cruelty to children and animals What would you do if it was the end of the world tomorrow? -Go up on some mountain summit and wait for the end there Would you rather fail or never try? -I'll take fail any day If you could spend a year doing something that you have never, ever done, what would it be? -Kite surfing Do you have any pets? Do you run with them? -I had a Saint Bernard that I loved like a brother. He was not much of a runner, but a great outdoor buddy and I miss him terribly. Worst injury sustained from adventuring and how did you recover? -I have been very lucky. Except for a very few minor issues, I am good! What the fastest speed you've ever gone under your own power, assisted by gravity? -I think I ran under a 5 minute mile a few times on downhills What's your favorite thing about KÜHL? -The tagline is awesome: "Born in the Mountains". I feel like the company and clothing represent who I am and what I love. What's your favorite piece of KÜHL clothing? What do you use it for? -The Flight jacket is my favorite women's jacket I have ever had. I use it in Colorado all year round. I have taken it snowboarding, hiking and eating gelato. Most versatile and comfortable piece of clothing I have. If your best friend already had your favorite piece of KÜHL gear, what would you recommend to him/ her that functions just as well playing outside as it does in the bar at the end of the day? The Destini Hoody! You can look pretty at the bar and take it up to the mountains, same with the rest of the hoodies! All of her posts can be read here

When she's not in the mountains, she's at the beach!
When she's not in the mountains, she's at the beach!


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