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Trekking across Israel’s Diverse Terrain

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Trekking across Israel's Diverse Terrain

For a country approximately the size of New Jersey, Israel packs a punch for visitors willing to explore. Over the course of four journeys, we saw snow-covered mountains, admired waterfalls in the Galilee, strolled along the Mediterran

Partners in Adventure KUHL and Wasatch Adaptive Sports 1

Partners in Adventure: KÜHL and Wasatch Adaptive Sports

Just like KÜHL®, Wasatch Adaptive Sports was born in the mountains. Founded in 1977, WAS started offering programs out of Snowbird Resort and over the yea

Spanish Immersion Cruise, Seville, Spain

Exploring Seven Cities on a Spanish Immersion Cruise

To explore seven coastal European cities in ten days, we selected a voyage aboard the Azamara Pursuit. Unlike larger ocean-going vessels with thousands of

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Ski Report: Revisiting Copper Mountain

Olympic skiers and boarders competing in the Winter Games demonstrate impeccable skills as they sail down the slopes. Their pathway to becoming part of the U.S. Olympic team includes years of visiting specialized facilities that cater

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4 Reasons to Visit Sierra Leone

Think of Africa, and chances are Sierra Leone won't be the first country to come to mind. In fact, it might be the last. The bloody civil war that raged between March 1991 and January 2002 and the Ebola epidemic certainly don’t contr

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Travel Back in Time at Oregon's Painted Hills

Located in the middle of nowhere, central Oregon, the Painted Hills are absolutely worth the trek off the beaten path. In fact, the Painted Hills are so special and unique, they make the list as one of the 7 Wonders of Oregon.

Human Outreach Project 3

Giving Tuesday 2021

The greatest gift of living, is the joy of giving! In celebration of Giving Tuesday and in support of our local community, KÜHL is donating $25K to both the Human Outreach Project (HOP)

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10 KÜHL Questions And 10 KÜHLER Answers | Greg Sakowicz, Hiker & Web Developer

We sat down with outdoor enthusiast and KÜHL lover Greg Sakowicz to talk about his journey from zero to more than 175 conquered trails in two years. Courageous, funny, and boldly si

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Trip Report: Arizona’s Civana Wellness Resort & Spa

In mid-August, Ira and I flew to Phoenix for a wellness getaway at the award-winning Civana Wellness Resort & Spa. While some of our previous t

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Rebounding from Missteps on a Colorado Trail

Dark clouds were gathering over the nearby mountain peaks as a brisk wind whisked away the beads of sweat clustered on our foreheads. In the distance, a faint rumble could be detected. Without a subsequent flash of lightning, we could


Second Time's a Charm: Climbing Malchin Peak in Mongolia

Malchin Peak is one of the most popular non-technical climbs in the Altai Tavan Bogd National Park in Western Mongolia. Standing at 13,287 feet, Malchin Peak is one of five peaks in the Altai mountain range that can be climbed. During