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Alaska Sea Wolves

the sea wolf carrying fish in his mouth

Alaska Sea Wolves

Wolves are fascinating animals: beautiful, mysterious, and impressive. While these animals are often depicted as inland forest dwellers, there is a unique ecotype of the grey wolf, Canis lupus, known as the sea wolf. The Pacif

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An Adventure in Iceland as a Solo Female

Ice Caves, Ice Climbing and more! After almost two years of dreaming about the Land of Fire and Ice, I bought a ticket to Iceland and planned my entire 6-day solo adventure.

Iceland SouthShoreTour

Incredible Iceland: Explore 8 Coastal Towns

Last summer, Ira and I completed another bucket-list adventure, a tour of Iceland. To focus on the island’s perimeter, we embarked on a


9 Helpful Hints to Make the Most of Your Camino Inca

Walking the Camino Inca (Inca Trail) is one of the best ways to appreciate and understand the ancient Incan

AerialCoastView Falklands

What to Pack for a Trip to the Falkland Islands

The Falkland Islands are an incredible destination. Home to several penguin species, elephant seals, sea lions and more wildlife, this archipelago is an amazing place to get up close (but not too close!) to some captivating cr


Morning Hikes near Red Mountain Resort in St. George, Utah

This year we enjoyed a late summer wellness getaway at Red Mountain Resort near St. George, Utah. The red rock cliffs and canyons are a beautiful backdrop for this full-service adventure retreat.

Human Outreach Project 2

The Mountaineer's Medical Post: Manang and the Community Fueling Change

Altitude acclimation and community coordination Rocky-ridged peaks pierce through the snow-covered canopy. Steep switchbacks slice through the mountain side, temptin

Human Outreach Project 3

Giving Tuesday

The greatest gift of living, is the joy of giving! In celebration of Giving Tuesday and in support of our local community, KÜHL is donating $25K to both the Human Outreach Project (HOP)

MakC Thanksgiving with Corey and Jaime FA22 176

3 Holiday Recipes Made With Our KÜHL Wine

Jaime grew up in northern Idaho where her love for the outdoors flourished with skiing, camping, fishing with her dad and grandpa, and playing ghosts in the graveyard with the neighborhood kids at night. She grew up at a house

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Came for the fabric, stayed for the wine.

For starters, you are probably wondering how wine has anything to do with an apparel brand. Our dear friend Bernardo is the common thread that weaves this whole story together. Let


Family-Friendly Hikes in Boulder, Colorado

Boulder, Colorado is a wonderful place to introduce children to a natural habitat adjacent to an urban environment. Visitors to the city can take advantage of 45,000 acres of city-owned open space land and over 150 miles of trails. Eve