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The Challenges of Snow Running

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The Challenges of Snow Running

While snow has a single definition, snow is never the same. It can be wet, fluffy, pillowy, heavy, frozen, crunchy, solid, or hard. Depending on where you are, snow presents a variety of challenges for even the most seasoned runner.

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Laying the Groundwork for the Future of Running Events

As the world slowly and carefully begins to reopen and establish a new normal, there is no protocol to follow. Countries, states, and cities - along with the CDC and WHO - have to create new guidelines. 


Reap the Rewards of Running Solo

The current, unprecedented situation with COVID-19 has severely impacted many aspects of our lives. Francesca Conte shares how to embrace solo running during difficult times.

Vendemmia Vines

Reaping the Harvest: Visiting Süd Tyrol in Fall

Vendemmia is Italian for harvest or, more specifically, grape harvest. Hearing that word, smells, sensations, visuals and memories vividly resurface. I might be partial, but there is no better time to visit the Alps than during the vendemmia between l

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Split Personality: Discover the Solitude & Freedom of Splitboarding

I should have expected this, but immediately after getting into snowboarding, I started craving solitude, not quite knowing how to achieve it. Trail running is all about solitude, one of the qualities of the sport I cherish most. As a newbie learning to snowbo

Paragliding Wings

Flyin' High: My First Paragliding Adventure

Living in the mountains has opened up a whole array of new sports to me.  Most recently, I ventured into paragliding. My friend Charlie lives in Frisco and is an expert paraglider. He often takes people on tandem rides: two people linked front-to-back with a

Venice Canal

Discover One-of-a-Kind Venice

The person who coined the term one-of-a-kind had Venezia - Venice - in mind. Venezia, whose origins date back to Roman times, was built surrounded by water for mercantile and security reasons. It was one of the busiest ports in the Roman Empire and wa

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In Defense of the Waalweg

I must confess that I love the perfect trail. The kind of trail on the side of a mountain that opens your heart. The kind of trail that seems carved around the slope just for running. In German-speaking northern Italy they call them Waalweg. The li

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Mountain Thoughts: A Summit a Day Keeps the Doctor Away

The list of long-disputed paths to the fountain of youth includes the Mediterranean diet, the fish-based diet of Japan and miscellaneous factors such as happiness and sense of accomplishment. What is not disputed are the positive effects of exercise on general

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Mountain Thoughts: The Magic of Diamond Dust

He used to call it “Diamantenpulver," or diamond dust, the mesmerizing weather phenomenon that only happens when the air is so cold and dry that humid air crystallizes into pulverized diamonds floating through the air. My great grandpa, Tata, lived

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Mountain Thoughts: The Irresistible Call of Summits

Some of us see a hill or a mountain, and we're compelled climb it. I've often wondered why that is. The call for moving forward, going higher, discovering what's behind the next bend or ridge can become an almost uncontrollable urge. What is it about summits?