SnowyScene Colorado

The Challenges of Snow Running

While snow has a single definition, snow is never the same. It can be wet, fluffy, pillowy, heavy, frozen, crunchy, solid, or hard. Depending on where you are, snow presents a variety of challenges for even the most seasoned runner.

Backcountry Skiing Sitka

Discover Winter Fun in Central Oregon

Central Oregon is a popular vacation destination for those who love adventure. Situated just east of the Cascade Mountains, many popular destinations see far more sun than the western side of the state. In winter, residents trade their

woman standing on tree in the woods

5 Summer Activities You Can Do Outdoors

This time of year, we're excited to break loose and enjoy the sunshine, but 2020 is... well, special. We've all been cooped up and locked down, and even as coronavirus restrictions relax, most of us are looking for healthy way

Francesa CountryLane

Laying the Groundwork for the Future of Running Events

As the world slowly and carefully begins to reopen and establish a new normal, there is no protocol to follow. Countries, states, and cities - along with the CDC and WHO - have to create new guidelines. 


Reap the Rewards of Running Solo

The current, unprecedented situation with COVID-19 has severely impacted many aspects of our lives. Francesca Conte shares how to embrace solo running during difficult times.


Ohm for the Outdoors: 5 Essential Yoga Moves for Adventurous Types

Over the last few years, yoga has been stretching from its counter-culture, hippie-heavy reputation into new main

5 Great Winter Hiking Trails FI

5 Great Winter Hiking Trails for the 2019/2020 Season

There's a reason your boots are waterproof! Hiking season doesn't end when you put away the bug spray and bring your snowboard down from the attic. Some trails are best experienced in cooler winter temperatures, and others demand a visit each spring, summer, f

Wilderness Encounters of the Turd Kind - National Parks and Poop

Wilderness Encounters of the Turd Kind

Our wild spaces can't take any more of our crap. During the 2018-19 Federal shutdown, severe staff reductions at our National Parks led to overflowing pit toilets and piles of human waste on the roadsides. When the parks reopened, the cleanup costs kneecapp

How to Survive Until Help Arrives - Hikers overlooking a lake in the distance, wearing KUHL clothing.

Lose the Trail? How to Survive Until Help Arrives

This past spring, I joined some friends to hike on California's Mount Tamalpais. At the trailhead, I caught some grief when I shouldered my da

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