Interview with Montana-based Artist, Kelsey Morris

KÜHL chats with Montana-based artist, sportswoman and go-getter, Kelsey Morris, to get acquainted with her work and inspiration. Story written by Sam Brown. All photos

the sea wolf carrying fish in his mouth

Alaska Sea Wolves

Wolves are fascinating animals: beautiful, mysterious, and impressive. While these animals are often depicted as inland forest dwellers, there is a unique ecotype of the grey wolf, Canis lupus, known as the sea wolf. The Pacif

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Interview with Kevin and Riley of Project Sunday

KÜHL chats with Project Sunday, a furniture and design studio based in Salt Lake City, to learn about the artistry of their craft.

Human Outreach Project 2

The Mountaineer's Medical Post: Manang and the Community Fueling Change

Altitude acclimation and community coordination Rocky-ridged peaks pierce through the snow-covered canopy. Steep switchbacks slice through the mountain side, temptin

Human Outreach Project 3

Giving Tuesday

The greatest gift of living, is the joy of giving! In celebration of Giving Tuesday and in support of our local community, KÜHL is donating $25K to both the Human Outreach Project (HOP)

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Came for the fabric, stayed for the wine.

For starters, you are probably wondering how wine has anything to do with an apparel brand. Our dear friend Bernardo is the common thread that weaves this whole story together. Let

A man looking at a map before going on an whiterafting adventure in KUHL clothing for rafting

Seek New Adventures - Whitewater Rafting

While some consider whitewater rafting an extreme sport, others see it as a meditative journey. The disconnect from the ordinary world and complete immersion in the sights, sounds and smells of the river is an expansive sensory experie

Trail Building for mountain biking mtb in KUHL clothing shirts and pants for men

The Art of the Build: Hero's Dirt

No matter the locale, mountain bikers are chasing hero dirt throughout the spring and summer seasons. “Hero dirt,” a term coined by the biking community to describe moist, sticky soil, is the result of snow melt or a healthy downpo

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Interview with Jason Cajune of Cajune Boatbuilding

KÜHL chats with Jason, owner of Cajune Boatbuilding, to learn more about the craft.