Celebrating Father’s Day: Give Dad the Gift of Adventure

By Emily Leikam on October 04, 2023
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Making Father’s Day memorable for an outdoorsman requires a little more effort than a brunch or tie. Dads who love the outdoors love the gift of adventure, and they cherish the opportunity to share the experience with you. Make dad’s special day stand out by giving him the gift of one of the outdoor activities below. Also, check out KÜHL's 2021 Father's Day Field Guide for some gift ideas for the outdoor dads!

Cherish Family Traditions with the Camper Dad

Every year, on the third Sunday in June, we get an opportunity to show special appreciation to our dads. And what better place to celebrate Father's Day than in a place that brings families together… the campsite! Take dad to a familiar family favorite, or reserve a spot someplace different to start a new Father’s Day tradition. Besides where you will camp, decide how you will camp. Is your dad used to RV camping? Is he more familiar with cabin camping? Or is he more of an adventurer who enjoys backpacking and tent camping?

RV Camping

RV camping requires the least amount of living outside of your comfort zone. You don't even have to own an RV; there are places to rent one in just about every state. An RV maximizes comfort while letting you get out of town for a few days to explore the outdoors. There are hundreds of RV campgrounds all over the United States with camping activities for all ages, like golfing and swimming. This is probably the easiest type of camping because you have all the comforts of home inside your vehicle.

Check out RV Lake Camping in California: Six Best Spots For Splashing Around for some ideas on RV camping by the lake with loads of fun water activities.

man in KÜHL shirt showing feathers to his son in camper
Celebrating family traditions with your dad is one of the most beautiful things to do on Father's Day.
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Cabin Camping

Cabin camping promises the most adventure with the least discomfort for those who aren't as into the outdoors as dad might be. Everyone sleeps in a bed with a mattress under a solid roof; you have the option of cooking a family meal in a kitchen or cooking over an open fire; and if you find the right campground, indoor plumbing is available. In addition to having substantial shelter, most campsites with cabins offer activities for every member of the family, like canoeing, fishing, hiking and biking trails, and swimming. It takes a lot of the pressure out of camping that you might feel while car camping or backpacking.


This type of camping is definitely for the most adventurous. It involves hiking to your destination with everything you need on your backs, including tents, clothes, food, and cooking gadgets. It's a rugged way of living for a few days, but brushing your teeth with mountain stream water and cooking over the campfire can be a great bonding experience with your father figure. If you and your dad have a special spot where you go camping or went camping as a kid, you already know how precious the whole experience is. Just don't forget to praise his talent for outdoor cooking this time!

Once you figure out where and how you want to go camping, you’ll want to plan a day or two of fun and relaxation that involves your dad’s favorite activities. These could include:

Embark on a Journey with the Road-Tripping Dad

There’s nothing like the feel of the open road to get an adventure started. What better gift to give a road-trip loving dad than a surprise venture in the vehicle. Whether it’s a day trip or a week-long adventure, your dad will love the time spent together behind the wheel. 

man with gray hair and beard reflecting in car mirror
When was the last time you took your dad on a road trip for fun? Product shown: Shiftr™.

From the ever-changing beauty of the California coastline to historic sites on the East coast, there are so many amazing and scenic drives across the United States. Imagine winding along mountain roads with panoramic views or cruising through America’s heartland on your way to a favorite landmark. Whether it’s a road trip to a certain destination or a never-ending scenic drive, your dad will have a great time. How can this compare to a Father's Day card?

And what would make that road trip even more special? Make dad’s dream come true by renting his ultimate ride for the day. Every dad has a car they’ve always wanted, so how fun would it be to take him on a special trip in a special vehicle.

Check out The Ultimate Arizona Road Trip Itinerary for a bit of inspiration.

Enjoy Funny Stories with the Fishing Dad

A fishing trip is a perfect time to enjoy some meaningful conversation with your dad and also one of the favorite Father's Day activities for many families. There is something about being at the river or out on the lake that relaxes dad and allows him to loosen up. Whether it’s fly fishing from the shoreline or casting a line out on the boat, here are some suggestions to make the fishing trip more enjoyable.

Find the right spot

If you know one of your dad’s favorite fishing areas, take him there. Otherwise, do your homework and go online or call a local fishing tackle shop to find a nearby lake, river, or pond that will provide a great family day of fishing for you and your angler dad.

man in KÜHL shirt and KÜHL hat fishing with his son next to river
Appreciate dad's precious stories and laugh at dad jokes you can only hear on a fishing trip.
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Pack snacks

Dad needs a bite just as much as the fish. Don’t forget to bring easy-to-eat goodies like sandwiches, chips, crackers, meat sticks, and cookies. Don't forget dad’s favorite beverage, too!

Bring the best fish catcher

Depending on where you’re fishing and what you’re fishing for, you will want to have the right bait to catch the fish. Whether you choose live bait or artificial lures, always check your local fishing regulations to make sure what you choose is legal where you fish.

Don’t forget sun protection

Getting a bad sunburn after a relaxing day of fishing is no fun! Make sure to apply ample amounts of sunscreen and provide dad with a brimmed hat and protective, weather-appropriate clothing.

If you need some tips on fishing gear, check out KÜHL’s 2020 Buying Guide for Fishing Pants.

Make and keep Father's Day memories

Take lots of pictures, especially when dad catches a lunker! Laugh at all the “dad” jokes. Most importantly, talk, share stories and just have fun with your dad on Father's Day. He'll love to have a good time with you, too.

Conquer the Waters with the Watersports Dad

If being out on the water is your dad’s happy place, then plan on getting wet for his Father’s Day celebration. As a watersports lover, there are so many fun activities you can plan to do with your dad, especially if it is a warm, sunny day. 

man paddling kayak on body of water
Organize a kayaking trip with your dad for a Father's Day well-spent. Product shown: Shiftr™.

If you're out on the boat, plan a day of water skiing or wakeboarding. If dad is feeling more adventurous, hydrofoiling (or wake foiling or just foiling) behind the boat might be his new favorite thing. Hydrofoiling is a growing trend in the watersports community. Foiling is using a board with a hydrofoil that extends below the surface of the water. This allows the board to ride above the surface of the water as it is pulled behind the boat. 

Other great water activities you can do with your dad for Father’s Day are:

Share Some Adrenaline with the Thrill-Seeking Dad

Your dad is always up for something new, he never says no and his idea of the perfect gift falls more along the line of heart-pounding than heartfelt. A Father’s Day experience with an adventurous spirit will surely create memories for both of you. Some ideas for exciting Father's Day activities with your dad include:

Rock Climbing

If your dad is a “rock jock” and you are reasonably fit, then rock climbing would be a great adventure to take together. Just remember to bring the proper equipment, including a helmet, carabiners, and rock climbing shoes. Also, make sure to wear clothing that is not restrictive, is breathable, and has a high tear strength.

Mountain Biking

Mountain biking is a fun way to exercise and connect with nature. Bikes intended for mountain biking are different from road bikes: they have fatter tires with rugged tread, a higher cycling position, and better suspension to absorb shock. Depending on what your dad prefers, you could take him on a slower, straighter, and wider trail or high-adrenaline singletrack with hills, curves, and jumps.

Check out the 7 Outstanding Mountain Biking Trails for summer season for some ideas.

man in KÜHL clothing holding daughter on bicycle
Dads who love mountain biking would be thrilled to spend their day riding with you. Products shown: Revolvr™ Rogue, M's The One™ Jacket.


The cool thing about paragliding, besides being able to soar through the air like a bird, is that all your equipment fits in a  backpack. This makes it easy for you and your dad to hike easily to any launch or even check on a plane or fit in a car for travel.


A favorite pastime among adrenaline junkies, skydiving is the ultimate experience for any adventurous spirit. If neither of you have done it before, know what to expect before you go. But it should be a thrill of a lifetime.

Give Dad the Gift of Outdoors

If your dad is an outdoors lover, whether he’s an adrenaline junkie or a calm, relaxed fisherman, don't buy him a Father's Day card. Instead, get him out to enjoy his favorite activity for Father’s Day! Experiencing his favorite activity with him is the best gift you could give him. What better way to spend quality time with your dad than while you’re doing something he loves with someone he loves even more! And rather than giving him another funny T-shirt, outfit him for something he truly loves.

Emily Leikam
Emily Leikam

Emily is an avid traveler and has been all around the world from Alaska and Iceland to Peru and Bali. Her home base is Nashville, TN and when not traveling you can find her hiking, practicing yoga or cooking/baking!


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