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By zachcarbo on June 19, 2023
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Last month I put in a KÜHL order for a few items I needed for my upcoming trip to China. A few days later, a bag of goodies showed up and a smile has been on my face ever since.  The month of November in Northern (and even Southern) China is much like the Pacific Northwest, so I knew I was going to need some comfortable, durable, and versatile men's pants for all of the hiking I planned to do. The new KÜHL Radikl Pant delivered!

Radikl Pant Review

Unlike anything that KÜHL (or anyone else) has made before, the KÜHL Radikl pant features the function and style of a woven cloth pant with the feel and movement of a men's sweatpant. Really!!!

I first saw the Radikl at a local outdoor retail store a couple months ago. Initially, the unique styling caught my eye, but it was the fit and feel that sold me. Needless to say, they made it on my short packing list to China.

I'm a big fan of packing minimally, so I only brought a few pairs of pants for my week-long trip to the Far East. The fact that these pants fold and then roll up to the size of a set of crew length socks is amazing!

Because of their unbelievable comfort, I wore them on the 20-hour journey to China. They were also my go-to for the subsequent 12-hour trek along the Jinshanling section of The Great Wall just outside Beijing.

What I Love

Although it's only noticeable on the Carbon and Olive colors, the very slight two-tone coloring of the pants is awesome. Perhaps it's because two different fabrics are utilized to make this pair of men's hiking pants, but I really like it. The revolutionary combination of an exoskeleton woven cloth frame with flexible alternate knit fabric panels is a patent-pending match made in heaven.

The comfort!!! Man, when KÜHL says they give you a “sweat pant” feel, they mean it! The Radikl pant is so comfortable!

Kuhl11 plaid shirt grey pantBC9U0156

Although considered a full cut by KÜHL, they are a bit slimmer in the legs and leg cuffs than my treasured Rydr Pants. This raised an eyebrow when I first slipped them on, but all concern went out the window when I did a set of walking lunges and squats in them (true story). Like the Raid, the Radikl Pant goes where you go. No riding, no bunching, no squeezing. Amazing!

My Peeves

The Radikl doesn't have super secure zip pockets like the Raid, but it does offer the rear and front pockets, as well as a single knee pocket on each leg. One is larger (right knee) than the other and both will fit a large smartphone.

Not really a peeve, but I wasn't super secure using the larger pocket with my iPhone 6. It wobbled around a bit, making me a little uneasy. But the left pocket was snugger; no issues on that side.

Editor's note: While the right side drop in pocket may have given Zach concerns, KÜHL assures you it will keep the iPhone 6 and iPhone 6+ in place in almost every conceivable range of motion. Yes, it may 'feel' a bit loose (the Radikl fabric has some stretch) yet it will not fall out. As Zach notes, the left stealth pocket uses a closer fit and nicely holds the iPhone 6.

Making the Grade

Although these may not be as versatile as the Raid and aren’t as familiar to me as the Rydr, the KÜHL Radikl Pant performs extremely well as an all-around outdoor pant. I wear these pants doing almost anything and everything. Lounging, hiking, climbing, biking, etc.

Retailing for $89, this versatile, comfortable, packable and stylish pant makes the grade and earns an A+.

Kuhl11 plaid shirt grey pantBC9U0199

I received KÜHL apparel for this review at no cost.  I received no other compensation for this post, and all opinions are my own.

Zach Carbo is an avid outdoor enthusiast, family man and eager people meeter. The only thing he enjoys more than an outdoor adventure is an outdoor adventure with friends. He is proud to call the great state of Washington and the Pacific Northwest his base camp.




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