KÜHL Women's Winter Outerwear Guide

By Nicole on June 19, 2023
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We've Got You Covered

Whether you're looking for a women's ultralight down jacket, impenetrable trench, or the coziest women's fleece, we've got you covered.

We asked four reviewers to put our newest and most popular women's outerwear to the test and compiled the results in the ultimate outerwear guide.


1. Spyfire Series Ultralight Down Jackets ($190-300)

Super light and slim fitting, the Spyfire isn’t bulky or stifling like other down jackets. The Spyfire Series features four unique fabrics engineered for superior water- and wind-resistance, tear strength, climate control, and warmth-to-weight ratio.

Nicole_Spyfire_SmallWhat Nicole Loves
The Spyfire Jacket and Hooded Vest are my go-to for winter wear. I wear them every day, and on bitterly cold days, I layer up and wear both at the same time.

The Spyfire Jacket serves double duty as a standalone on milder days and an excellent insulating layer for more extreme conditions. Pair it with a shell like the Saboteura Jacket and hit the slopes in style and comfort.

I love the drop on the back of the Spyfire Vest. It provides extra coverage and doesn’t ride up when hiking or running.

Feather light, super soft, and equally functional and flattering, the Spyfire Jacket and Vest earn top marks. Read my product review for a full rundown.

Nicole plays in the leaves in the Spyfire Hooded Vest

2. Lena Insulated Jacket ($199)

Featuring a cotton/polyester/nylon blend fabric that's been peached and coated with blue wax, the Lena Insulated Jacket was designed to withstand a onslaught of moisture, and the quilted insulation provides extra warmth.

Allie_LenaWhat Allie Loves
I’m very hard to please when it comes to jackets. I'm short, always cold (even when I was pregnant with twins), and, living in the Northeast, I expect a lot from women's winter coats. The Lena Insulated Jacket did not disappoint!

I love how the size small fits me perfectly and falls mid-thigh. The Lena is lined with what looks and feels like a quilted blanket, and it zips all the way to your cheeks! I absolutely love the high-zip neck because it eliminates the need for a scarf. In the season of bundling, I’m thrilled to carry one less item.

I also love Kuhl’s attention to detail. The small sturdy loop inside the Lena is especially handy for hanging the jacket in locker rooms. The zipper doesn't start at the very bottom of the jacket, allowing for a full stride in this longer coat.

What She Didn't Love as Much
I like to stick my gloved hands deep into side pockets, and the small side zippers on the hand pockets just don't work for me. The hand pockets also have large top snaps that are more ornamental than functional, and I don’t foresee ever using the snap pockets in addition to the zippered pockets.

Allie strikes a pose in the Lena Insulated Trench

3. Flight Jacket ($169)

Built with 100% premium, mid-weight Italian fleece for soft, luxurious performance; four zip pockets; a zip-away hood; and KÜHL's signature thumb loops, the Flight Jacket is sure to become your trusty co-pilot for your next big adventure.

Angela_FlightJacketWhat Angela Loves
I'm not going to lie. The best part about the KÜHL Flight Jacket is the soft, cozy feel of the material. It reminds me of being wrapped in one of my kids' softest baby blankets. It’s an adult sized Lovie.

The high collar is fantastic for enhancing that cozy feeling and great for burying your face. Not only does the Flight Jacket look cozy, it’s actually quite warm and kept me comfortable in temps ranging from 25-55 degrees.

I receive tons of compliments on the Flight Jacket. Warning: everyone will want to touch or hug you!

I usually wear a small in jackets but sized up with the Flight for better layering. I can comfortably wear a shirt or sweater underneath it.

What She Didn't Love as Much
You can't wear anything dark underneath the Flight Jacket because it leaves fuzzies everywhere. However, it does seem to shed less the more I wear it.

Angela plays in the powder in her Flight Jacket

4. Lena Trench ($189)

Combining peached fabric coated with blue wax and a longer length that falls just above the knees, the Lena Trench is the perfect travel companion for wet, windy, and wild destinations.

What Nicole Loves
As always, I love KÜHL's extra touches and attention to detail. The hideaway hood zips into an oversized collar when you don't need it. Zigzag stitching emphasizes the double princess lines that give the Lena a flattering feminine cut. The longer length is perfect for keeping your upper legs and backside covered in soggy weather.

The deep hand pockets are my favorite feature. They're angled, lined, and extend from just below the chest all the way to the hip.

What She Didn't Love as Much
The two chest pockets are tiny and won't hold more than a key or tube of chapstick. I'd love to see an inside mesh pocket (like the Spyfire Series) for stashing your phone or ID.

Wind and snow flurries are no match for the Lena Trench

5. Dani Sherpa Jacket ($229)

Cut from premium Italian fabrics, the Dani Sherpa Jacket features micro suede bonded to a luxuriously soft shearling fleece for comfort and warmth. Wool blend side panels and underarms reduce bulk and add stretch for greater range of motion.

What Nicole Loves
Definitely a statement piece, the Dani Sherpa Jacket stands out in the crowd! I love how this jacket combines a vintage look with the cozy warmth of fleece. High-gauge stitching and shearling accents contrast with the rich brown suede, and the oversized, fleece-lined hood is removable.

I ordered up a size to allow for heavier layers underneath. The jacket hits just below the hip, and the longer length looks great with your favorite jeans or the KÜHL Riot Pant.

What She Didn't Love as Much
Like the Lena Insulated Jacket, the Dani Sherpa features 'double-layered' pockets. The hand pockets zip on the sides, and there are open slip pockets on top of the hand pockets. The straight line of the zip pockets makes them awkward to use, and the pocket material is thin and not very warm. The top pockets are more decorative than functional.

Take the Dani Sherpa Jacket on your next urban adventure

6. Burr Jacket ($110)

Made with a tough but soft combed cotton weave for durability and comfort, the Burr Jacket features a warm body liner, sleeve lining for easy on/off, and KÜHL's exclusive Patina Dye finish.

CY_Burr_SmallWhat Christine Loves
I’ve been coveting a motorcycle-inspired women's jacket and was excited when the Burr jacket showed up on my doorstep. I don’t typically wear a lot of red, but this deep red color was something that I could see myself wearing around town.

I love the fabric. It’s super soft brushed cotton that looks and feels very durable but doesn't feel heavy when you wear it. The jacket is also lined with a fleecy interior that makes the jacket cozier and warmer than you expect. As a mom, I need a lot of pockets, and I like that this jacket has two big pockets and a smaller pocket on the sleeve.

What She Didn’t Love as Much
The cut was boxy on me, and I felt like I had a lot of room around my torso. While I loved the feel of the fabric, I probably need to break in the jacket a bit more (which may also help with the boxy fit). Lastly, the sleeves were long on me, and I had a hard time pushing them up.

cy burr jacket 3
Christine takes the Burr Jacket for a stroll around NYC

From shore to summit and trail to town, Kuhl has the perfect outerwear for your winter adventures!




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