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35 Landscape Photography Spots You Should Visit in the U.S.

Landscape photography combines a passion for the outdoors with a passion for capturing a part of the world as it exists for a certain moment in time. Nature photographers also find and share the beauty in each outdoor adventure.

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A Guide to Nature Photography Clothing & Personal Gear

I've been a North American nature photographer for years. I've stalked musk oxen, arctic fox, and caribou in Nunavut; wolves, and marten in Montana; and migrating birds along the Texas/Mexican border. I've visited other top wildlife ph

Casunshine Utah Feature

Trip Report: Adventure Crew USA Takes on Utah

Coming Back to the Great Outdoors We have a mutual love for the great outdoors, and being unable to enjoy it as we normally do has definitely been eye opening. We missed adventuring bu

Dog Mountain is awash in wildflowers throughout the spring; it also offers outstanding views of the Columbia River Gorge.

8 of the Best Wildflower Hikes Near Portland

The cold weather is slowly moving away, the sun is radiating with warmth, birds are gleefully singing and the wildflowers are blooming with confidence. It’s officially springtime in the PNW, and there is no better time to get outside

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The Snow Camping Challenge: Preparing for Winter in the Backcountry

When I was a kid, my brother and I were each in "outdoor" youth programs. I won't name the organizations, but his group, with my dad as the leader, got to do all sorts of fun stuff—learning to make fire using a bow drill, rappelling, spelunking, and track

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Three Reasons to Wear Mountain-Urban Hybrid Clothing

Benefits of mountain-urban hybrid clothing Mountain-hybrid clothing means something different to everyone, y

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Photographing Winter Surfing in Alaska with Scott Dickerson

Scott Dickerson began photographing winter surfing in Alaska because he wanted to share the experience with others. His love for photography stems from a love of sharing stories, so it was n

Arches National Park is even more stunning under a blanket of snow.

Snowy Solitude: The Best Winter Hikes in Arches National Park

Hike Arches National Park in the winter, and it just may feel like you’re trespassing. The park is open year-round, but the world hasn’t seemed to take notice (yet, anyway). Moab’s locals know there’s no good reason for this lull, but they’re not c

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Surf Alaska: Catching Waves and Goosebumps

Scott Dickerson grew up exploring the wild landscapes of Alaska, and today he shares his passion for adventure and exploration through photography. Specializing in surf, aerial, aviation and outdoor photogr