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Men's Baselayer Bottoms

Unsurpassed warmth. Unmatched comfort. Dare to pave the way for fellow hikers on the most challenging mountain trails in men's baselayer bottoms!

What are baselayer bottoms?

Baselayer bottoms are long underwear usually made of polyester or merino wool. Slim fitted close to the skin, they dry out the sweat, keeping moisture away from your body to preserve natural body warmth. You can wear men’s baselayer bottoms alone or under pants in the cold season, whether for work, skiing, or exploring the winter trails.

Check out the Akkomplice Bottom. Lightweight and thin, you can wear them under pants on any occasion. If you’re casually exploring the outdoors or enjoying a high-intensity sport such as skiing or snowboarding, this high-performance men’s baselayer bottom provides ultimate comfort and unrestricted movement.

3D patterning matches the body shape, while strategically placed mesh improves air circulation and breathability. Made of innovative KOREKONTROL™ fabric with improved wicking and reduced moisture absorbing, they keep you dry, warm, and odorless thanks to the IONIK silver salt technology.

With the superb looks, fabrics, and design all featured in one top-notch men’s baselayer bottom, you can focus on enjoying everything the cold season has to offer.

When should I wear baselayer bottoms?

You can wear baselayer bottoms on any occasion when you need a bonus skin layer to stay dry and warm. It’s especially useful in the cold season when you need an extra layer under your pants or ski pants.

Check out the top-performing Valiant Bottom™, made of a fantastic INVIZIWÜL polyester/merino wool blend. Merino wool has a natural ability to regulate body temperature while providing a soft and cozy touch, which makes it one of the best materials for skin layers.

Polyester delivers durability and superior quick drying. It’s a fine example for everything a baselayer needs to be: lightweight, comfortable, soft against the skin, with great moisture-wicking qualities to keep you dry and warm.

On top of that, this men’s baselayer bottom features a superb design with 3D patterning that follows natural body shape and Dynamik™ stitching, for less bulk and ultimate freedom of movement in the cold season.

Are baselayer bottoms good for skiing?

Top-quality baselayer bottom is the best gear you can wear under ski pants to preserve body warmth, stay dry, and reduce chaffing with the outer pants.

Check out the Motiv Bottom. This men’s baselayer bottom features a 3D patterning to match the body for the most comfortable fit. Combined with the high-performance fabric, this provides freedom of movement you need for skiing and other winter sports. Lightweight mesh placed at yoke and the back of the knees improves breathability, keeping you dry and warm together with the soft jersey knit with textured brushed back.

Add an odor-resistant finish and low bulk, and you got a fantastic lightweight men’s baselayer bottom perfect for wearing under ski pants. It follows the movements of your body like a second skin and regulates your body temperature so you can focus on enjoying your ski time to the fullest.

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