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Men's Cargo Shorts

KÜHL Silencr™ Kargo Short in category Shorts KÜHL Silencr™ Kargo Short in category Shorts (secondary image) New Colors

Silencr Kargo Short

KÜHL Ambush™ Cargo Short in category Shorts KÜHL Ambush™ Cargo Short in category Shorts (secondary image) New Colors

Ambush Cargo Short

KÜHL Renegade™ Cargo Short in category Shorts KÜHL Renegade™ Cargo Short in category Shorts (secondary image)

Renegade Cargo Short

Experience the convenience of spacious cargo pockets on your next overland adventure, on an overnight camping trip, or just in your garage or backyard.

What are men's cargo shorts?

Practical men's cargo shorts are loose-fitting legwear built from durable technical fabrics and designed for versatile outdoor wear. What makes them stand out from the other shorts are large thigh cargo pockets, historically first used in the military for storing equipment.
Inspired by the past, our sleek and classy Kourage Kargo™ Short pushes the boundaries with ten - yes, ten - pockets, designed to make it easy to carry everything you need on your next outdoor mission. They defy the norm thanks to the innovative KÜHLair™ vent system that keeps you cool in the harshest climates.
Durable, flexible, and lightweight material and quality craftsmanship make these men's cargo shorts comfortable, functional, and multi-purpose.

Where to wear men's cargo shorts?

Just like pants, men's cargo shorts are often multi-purpose when it comes to outdoor wear. Despite the fact that they are made out of most robust and technical fabrics, men usually wear them on the following outdoor adventures:

Overland Journey

Going off the grid and exploring the roads less traveled requires adequate preparation, especially if you are following an overlanding route you made. That's why you can drive safe and enjoy the journey knowing you will never go MIA in the backcountry.
Introducing - Renegade™ Cargo Short RECCO® is an upgrade to an already top-performing men's cargo short. In collaboration with RECCO, reflectors are lightweight, passive transponders that require no power or activation to function; the shorts offer an invaluable piece of mind when on the road. In case of an emergency, rescue workers equipped with RECCO detectors will pick up the signal, and help will be on its way.
With an ample amount of strategically placed pockets for maps, vehicle maintenance tools, compass, binoculars, and a pair of your favorite shades, other shorts can take the back seat.

Camping Trip

Going on an overnight camping trip or a week-long outdoor exploration comes with carry-limit for essential gear. Knowing what to pack should be at the top of your priority list. Luckily, wearing a pair of men's cargo shorts such as Ambush™ Cargo Short can help solve the problem.
Lightweight and stretchy ÜberKÜHL™ blend of fabrics provide peace of if the weather changes, thanks to its quick-dry properties. The well thought out design features KÜHLair™ vent system to keep you cool and comfortable. With nine pockets, you'll always have enough storage. Perfect for carrying flint and tinder, a small flashlight, kindling you collect for a campfire.
Nothing beats waking up to daybreak beyond a mountaintop.

Fishing Adventure

Whether you are casting a spinning reel from the shore or off a boat in the middle of a river, Renegade Cargo™ Short is your go-to men's cargo short for fishing. Constructed from DURALUX™, a nylon and spandex blend with a DWR finish, the fabric feels soft while giving you enough stretch to go anywhere you want to. With enough pockets for simple stick baits, sets of fishing hooks, and a favorite drink, the water-repellent men's cargo shorts also feature UPF of 50 - great for long hours of shine.

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